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$5 RL Flo-Master 1-Gallon Sprayer +Free Store Pickup

Walmart offers RL Flo-Master 1-Gallon Sprayer for $5 (orig. $8.37) with free store pickup.

*Select store pickup to get the price

Product Description:

This RL Flo-Master is designed to help in dispensing pesticides, as well as bug and weed repellent. It features a poly wand with an adjustable nozzle that allows for precision in applications. With a reinforced hose, this 1-Gallon Sprayer is a high-efficiency, low-effort pump. This Flo-Master Sprayer comes with a translucent poly tank that allows you to view the liquid level at all times. It also features a pump handle that allows for easy snap-in storage of a flow control wand for one-handed spraying. This unit is easy to assemble and requires no tools.
RL Flo-Master 1-Gallon Sprayer:
  • Easy to assemble; no tools required
  • Poly wand with adjustable nozzle for precision application
  • Reinforced hose
  • High-efficiency, low effort pump
  • Pump handle allows for easy snap in storage of flow control wand for 1-handed spraying
  • Translucent poly tank for easy viewing of liquid level

Thanks Rich123

Category: Tools & Home Improvement

Posted on 04 March 2018, 05:29 AM
posted by Rich123
04 March 2018, 05:29 AM


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