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EXPIRED: $19.99 Spy Pen Camera - 1280 x 720 High Resolution - Watch the Video

Tanga has Spy Pen Camera - 1280 x 720 High Resolution - Watch the Video for $19.99 (reg. $49.99)

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  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL & EASY TO OPERATE Can be used for taking photos, recording videos or as a webcam for your computer whilst its writing skills will astound you. And if that wasn’t enough, we mounted a top quality HD recording lens on it – because perfect photos and crystal clear videos with HD audio is no less than you deserve!
  • WITH INDICATOR LIGHT & USB CHARGE: The indicator light is always there to let you know what your spy pen is operating at the time! Charging via USB will make sure that it’s most easy to keep your pen up for the job on any occasion!
  • HIDDEN CAMERA – NO ONE WILL EVER UNDERSTAND: It’s main purpose is to record. And we assume you wouldn’t like to be noticed when doing so. We hid the camera so well on it that no one will ever suspect a thing. What’s more, it features an up to 8 GB SD card, so you don’t have to worry about storage space.
  • SLEEK DESIGN & QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: At quality we make no discounts. That’s why it’s metal constructed, ensuring durability will never be an issue – the pen will be there for you any time you need one the many services it can assist you with. On top of that, the astonishing black and gold design delivers a classy and gorgeous-looking result. Get to meet it in person and you will totally understand how elegant and classy it looks and feels!

Introducing the brand-new Spy Pen Camera by BriteNway!

Are you looking for a smart camcorder that you can carry always with you and that can take HD photos and videos at the same time?

This high-tech, smart gadget that can operate from camcorder to webcam, whilst remaining a quality pen that you can actually use to write!

  • The Brand-New Spy Pen Camera By BriteNway Is Now Here Exclusively For You!
  • Draw away all the suspicions – with this no one will ever realize what you are actually doing!
  • Featuring HD Recording Lens, Metal Body, Exquisite Black-And-Gold Design And Many More!
  • With the high-quality HD recording lens your photos and videos will look more vivid than ever before!
  • Can be used in photo mode, video mode, webcam mode whilst remaining a most elegant pen at all times!
  • Status light is there to always give you an indication of what your spy pen is executing – charging via USB will always keep it up to the job!
  • All data are stored on an SD card so you can most easily transfer them to anywhere! Buy now and we give you a 8 GB SD card for FREE!
  • Top Quality, High Mass Metal Body – Astonishing Black And Gold Design!
  • It looks just as good as it operates! Try for yourself and see!

Comes With 100% Lifetime Replacement Warranty!
If anything occurs to it, we will replace it for the years to come – You couldn’t be more sure, could you?

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Posted on 30 May 2018, 08:08 AM
Tanga Deals
posted by Tanga Deals
30 May 2018, 08:08 AM