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$19.99 Bayoutech Survival 10K Solar Charger & Light

Woot offers Bayoutech Survival 10K Solar Charger & Light for $19.99 (orig. $69.99) plus $5 shipping.

Product Description:

10,000 mAh of power and light with a ridiculously tough exterior.
This solar charger is a key element in any emergency survival kit.
  • Flexibility
  • Charge the Survival 10k’s internal power bank via a wall outlet, USB, or even the sun. Includes dual USB charging ports.
  • High Quality
  • The best, environmentally-friendly silicone protects from rain, dirt, and shock (drops).
  • The Survival 10k is made with a 10000 mAh lithium polymer battery; equipped with over-charge protection system, allowing for over 1000+ recharges in its life-cycle.
  • Solar panel captures light from the sun efficiently to provide endless power to your devices.
  • Best Design
  • The survival 10k’s compact size was designed for portability—especially when outdoors. The football grain along the side has an anti-skid protecting effect, which pairs well with the the rain-resistant, dirt-and-shockproof silicone to effectively protect the device from damage.
  • Environment Friendly
  • The Survival 10k’s solar panel has been designed to capture sunlight at a rapid pace, converting it into 10,000 mAh of energy more efficiently and providing endless juice for your devices.
  • Grade A-cell, High-Capacity, Build-in 10000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery | 1,000+ recharge cycles over the life of the battery.
  • Li-Polymer battery is one of the safest batteries available on the market today! Will not explode even when over-heated.
  • Charge a Smartphone up to 5-7 times | Tablet up to 1.5 times
  •  2.1A output allows for simultaneous charging of your devices at high speed Anti-explosion, lightweight, compact and reliable
  • Perfect for emergencies, just press the button on the side to light will light the way!
  • There are 4 LED lights to indicate the charging status.
  • It’s compact & portable design makes it easy to fit into your bag, providing instant power!
  • Built with high efficiency solar cell panel, the power conversion rate increases up to 21%-24%, providing more power to recharge internal battery than an ordinary solar charger.
  • Perfect for long flights, road trips, hiking, camping or whenever you need to charge your mobile devices.
  • Imported

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Posted on 09 August 2018, 08:09 AM
posted by LUIS
09 August 2018, 08:09 AM