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$58.65 Polk Audio 2-Way Indoor Bookshelf Speaker in Black - Pair | T15 AC +FS

Ebay offers Polk Audio 2-Way Indoor Bookshelf Speaker in Black - Pair | T15 for $58.65 (orig. $129.99) after code with free shipping.

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Product Description:
You can enlarge your sound while shrinking the speakers with a reliable bookshelf system. The Polk Audio T15 speakers can blend into the background while delivering impressive tone quality. It can be a superior system that offers balanced drivers and tweeters for a wide response with low distortion. You can pick up the high notes and revel in the powerful bass with Dynamic Balance technology. Each Polk speaker is magnetically shielded to eliminate feedback from nearby electronics. You can see the difference in improved clarity even at higher volumes.You can enjoy clear, rich melodies in the office or at home with the Polk T15 stereo speakers. At 10.6 inches tall, 6.5 inches wide, and 7.2 inches deep, they can easily fit on most shelves. Each speaker features a 0.75 inch tweeter, 5.25 inch driver, and a front firing bass port. Built with Polk’s proprietary technology, they’re designed to deliver great rhythm for your songs and movies. You can add them to your home theater or put a pair in your bedroom for relaxing with some music after a long day. Two midranges and rich bass audio can make this bookshelf system suitable for a college dorm room or office space. With a wall mounting option, these audio speakers do not take up too much space and can be used anywhere indoors. You can love the concert quality sounds that Polk delivers, and you can appreciate how sharp the black speakers look. Five-way binding posts can make it easy to securely hook up almost any audio system. A truly versatile design, they can be used with most home theater receivers, stereos, processors, or even phonographs.Set in a furniture grade MDF cabinet, the housing also reduces resonance for smooth tones free of vibrations. You can get the detailed results you want without losing any floor space. In addition to using them as stand alone speakers, they can also round out an existing system. You can make this pair the front or rear set in your surround sound system. The T15 audio system has peak power handling levels of 100 watts with nominal impedance of 8 ohms. You can choose from 20 channels to eliminate interference from other devices. The vented enclosure is safe for indoor use, and the streamlined design can ensure that it will look great on your shelves. The cloth covers are easy to clean, and they can allow the full depth and richness of your music to come through.The Polk T15 speakers are sold as a pair, and you can easily connect them to your sound system with quality wires. They can be used with banana plugs or bare wire. There’s no need to pick up special stands because they can go right on a desk, shelf, or even the floor. They’re lightweight enough that you can also mount them on a vertical surface.Whether you're into gaming or just want to hear the finest melodies possible, the T15 can please you. Ideal for audiophiles of all ages, they can be an excellent addition to any setup. This model is highly durable and designed to provide you with years of service

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Posted on 12 August 2018, 08:37 AM
Kiyamon 12 Aug 2018, 2:49 PM
Best Buy has them for $59.99 & the rest of the T series is also 40% off.