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$4.50 Latex Elastic Resistance Bands +FS

1Sale offers Latex Elastic Resistance Bands for $4.50 (orig. $9.99) +Free Shipping

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Note: This product is made from natural latex and is not suitable for those with latex allergies or sensitivity.

The mechanical advantage to resistance bands is priceless, as true resistance is maintained through every part of a motion.
While resistance training, the muscles are prevented from "maxing out," but are nevertheless fully activated throughout both the concentric (lifting) part and eccentric (lowering) part of an exercise. This leads to better range of motion, overall strength.
Resistance band exercise will strengthen and elongate the muscle fibers, increase your flexibility tremendously, and stimulate the muscles in a manner that is impossible to do with the use of free weights alone.
For anyone who needs a way to work out on vacation, periodically can't get to the gym, or wants something extra to add to their regular workout, resistance bands are well worth their extremely low cost!

Resistance bands aren't just for Power Lifters and Bodybuilders! Anyone looking to add extra resistance to their exercises can use them. For more specific direction we recommend seeking the advice of a fitness expert.

Choose to Start Working out with NENDUM resistance bands!
100% Satisfaction and Risk-Free!
Loop Resistance Bands, the best Quality and design to help you increase your strength and achieve your fitness goals.
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Posted on 02 November 2019, 10:08 PM
1Sale Deals
posted by 1Sale Deals
02 November 2019, 10:08 PM