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$349 POWERbot™ Turbo Robot Vacuum in Ebony Copper, AC + FS

Samsung offers Samsung POWERbot™ Turbo Robot Vacuum in Ebony Copper for $349 (orig. $699) after coupon with free shipping.

Apply Code:  8XQEAGOQQ

Product Description:

Save time and effort by letting the Samsung POWERbot handle the vacuuming for you. The world's most powerful suction delivers optimal cleaning, while smart technology allows you to control and monitor your POWERbot from your smartphone. This innovative design maximizes cleaning coverage as it navigates your home with ease and avoids obstacles.
  • World's most powerful suction with 70x more suction power than the leading robot vacuum brand; tested on Samsung POWERbot Turbo in comparison with the top selling vacuum by the leading robot vacuum brand according to NPD, 2015
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with Select and Go and Coverage Report: remotely select the rooms you want to clean, and view coverage report on your smartphone
  • Point cleaning: simply point for on-demand vacuum cleaning
  • Schedule program cleaning time
  • Visionary Mapping Plus system navigation creates a complete map of your home and finds the optimal path
  • Cyclone Force Design ensures less clogging and more consistent power than previous model
  • Full view sensor comprehensively scans and avoids obstacles, which minimizes bumping into furniture
  • Easy pass wheels move smoothly over obstacles
  • Combo brush is specially designed to pick up hair with fewer tangles
  • Multi-surface cleaning transitions from carpet to hard floors with ease
  • Wide motorized brush features 12.2 in. cleaning path, efficiently covering a wide area with every pass
  • Large dustbin with 0.7 L (0.185-gallon) capacity reduces the frequency of emptying
  • Cleaning modes include Auto, Manual, Max, Spot, Schedule and Dust Sensor so you can select a program to fit your needs
  • 3 power settings - Maximum: 30 minutes; Normal: 60 minutes; Quiet: 90 minutes
  • Remote control lets you easily control all functions without touching the POWERbot
  • Cliff Sensor prevents POWERbot from falling down the stairs
  • Auto docking ensures the vacuum is charged (160-minute recharging time)

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 12 November 2019, 05:55 PM


Nate  Bee