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$34.99 Viotek Massaging Seat Cover Air Pressure Cushion for Car Truck Office Black +FS

1Sale offers Viotek Massaging Seat Cover Air Pressure Cushion for Car Truck Office Black for $34.99 (orig. $59.99) +Free Shipping

Free Shipping

  • PRESSURIZED MASSEUSE — Rhythmic air pressure delivers a more soothing relief  from back and leg pain. This massage chair cushion’s mini-airbags are more  flexible than rigid plastic massager nodes found in other massagers. Gentle  yet effective, this design helps alleviate aches without agitating sciatica  pain. 
  • 4-POINT  SYSTEM — Major pressure points in the shoulder, back and thighs receive the  attention they deserve. Melt away tension and relieve common trigger points
  • ZONE  FOCUS — This air pressure massager is yours to command. Four massage modes  let you focus on problem areas. Cycle through them all, one at a time, or  treat yourself to the full experience.
  • ANYWHERE RELIEF — Take this massaging chair cushion with you wherever you  go, whether in your office, gaming at home or driving on the freeway. Simply  plug in the power cord or the car charger and daily relief is yours. 
  • GOLD-STAR SERVICE – All Viotek massage seat cushions are backed by a  one-year limited warranty and a customer support team available 7 days a  week and based solely in the U.S.

VIOTEK Air Comfort  Massaging Seat Cushion

Never wait for relief. Get it whenever — and wherever — you need it with the Air  Comfort Massage Cushion from Viotek. Let your body breathe and relax as this  firm yet gentle portable masseuse works over stubborn aches in your shoulder,  back, and leg. Use it on your office chair, home PC chair, gaming chair — even  in your car. The Viotek Air Comfort is your personal masseuse, available at your  beck and call.

Pressurized Comfort Whenever You Need It

The Air Comfort Massaging Seat Cushion uses a unique system of mini air bags,  strategically placed to tackle the major problem areas in the neck, back and  thighs. This system of circulating air and pressure soothes muscles without the  painful rigidity of traditional plastic massagers found in other seat cushions.  The result? Soothing relaxation that doesn’t over-agitate sciatica pain.

Easy Installation — Non-Slip Design

Office chair. Car seat. Favorite home armchair. Use the Viotek Air Comfort seat  cover wherever you need to relax and melt away the stress of the day.  Installation takes just a few quick minutes. And with the built-in buckles,  hooks, and stoppers, once it’s fastened to the seat, this air-pressurized  massage cushion won’t slip off until you take it off.

1. Slip the securing band around the seat.

2. Secure and fasten the three main buckles around the seat. If there is a  headrest, fasten the topmost buckle around it.

3. Insert the stoppers in the gap between the two seat sections.

4. Make sure the front of the cushion is neatly over the seat. Grab the twin  hooks and secure them to the undercarriage of the seat.

5. For cars, connect the power cord to the seat cushion and car adapter. For  office chairs, use a power bank or AC adapter.

*Power bank not included.

4-Point Zone Focus

Eight strategically placed comfort airbags target common problem areas for  quick, effective relief. Press the power button and cycle through the four  available modes to target specific body zones or just enjoy a full back massage.

  • Mode 1: All 8 airbags will be activated for a deep, air pressure massage on all  zones at once.
  • Mode 2: Targets the mid- and lower back.
  • Mode 3: Targets the lower back and thighs.
  • Mode 4: Targets the shoulders lower back.

Six layers of premium-quality micro-suede and faux leather come together with  honeycomb microfiber. This luxurious combination is soft to the touch, while  maintaining long-lasting durability and amazing absorbency. But don’t mistake  the softness for ineffectiveness. The Air Comfort delivers highly effective  relief from aches, pains, and soreness associated with stress.

Stressful meeting? Tough projects? All-night study sessions? Intense game-play?  Take a break with purpose. Let the gentle touch our air-pressurized massaging  seat cover relax and reinvigorate you.

Use It Wherever You Need It

Leave it at home. Bring it to your office. Take it with you on  long drives. We’ve designed the Air Comfort to integrate fully  with busy lives and hectic schedules.

Energy-Efficient & Environment Friendly

The Air Comfort uses an energy-efficient air pump to rapidly  inflate the airbags. It automatically turns off after 15 minutes  to conserving energy.

Simple, Uncomplicated Controls

The included power cord and AC charger lets you take your Air  Comfort with you wherever go. All features are controlled by a  single power button, located on the bottom cushion flap.

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25 December 2019, 10:08 PM