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$29.95 Kopul CBT-12 - 12-in-1 Cable Tester +FS

Bhphotovideo offers Kopul CBT-12 - 12-in-1 Cable Tester for $29.95 (reg $49.95) with free shipping.

Product Description:
The Kopul CBT-12 is a professional-quality cable tester that allows users to test the continuity of a wide variety of cables with a single device. It quickly identifies connectivity and ground problems in some of the most frequently-used cables, and makes troubleshooting audio and studio setups fast and effortless.
An eight-way knob provides easy selection of the pins to be tested, LED indicators illuminate to show that each pin on the cable is properly connected. The CBT-12 can test cables with any combination of speakON 4-pin, speakON 8-pin, XLR 3-pin, XLR 5-pin, TS/TRS, DIN 3/5/7/8, RCA, USB Type-A to Type-B, RJ45, and Banana plugs. Two removable leads are included for testing any kind of wire or cable with jacks that are not included on this model. They also allow for testing connections when building or repairing cables or when wiring studios or audio installations.
The CBT-12 is ideal for home, project, and professional studio use. Constructed with a rugged all-metal case, the CBT-12 is a road-ready tool for studio techs and install engineers.

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Posted on 03 January 2020, 05:33 AM