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$58.97 Paula Deen 15-inch (1400 Watt) Large Electric Skillet with Glass, Basting Lid +FS

1Sale offers Paula Deen 15-inch (1400 Watt) Large Electric Skillet with Glass, Basting Lid for $58.97 (orig. $169.99) +Free Shipping & 30 Day Returns! 

Product Description:

Are you looking for a high heat electric skillet to cook delicious meals for everyone around your dinner table? If so, this new Paula Deen 15-inch electric skillet is the perfect choice for you. This 15-inch skillet is large enough to brown cuts of meat and cook casseroles, but nuanced enough to handle sautŽing, searing and sauces. The glass lid makes it easy to monitor your food without opening the lid. And, the best part about this electric skillet is the unique basting knob. Simply fill the knob with your choice of wine, broth, beer or other liquid and watch as it slowly drips and infuses your food with flavor, moisture and tenderness! The simple temperature probe makes cooking a breeze. Plug the probe into your electric skillet and choose from 4 heat settings. And, PaulaÕs added a Keep Warm setting, so your food never gets cold. Perfect for potlucks and holidays! YouÕre sure to love this electric skillet and your family is going to love the food. Prepare your family favorites with easier clean up and better flavor than your regular skillet! Love and best dishes, yÕall! Features: LARGE ELECTRIC SKILLET Paula DeenÕs large electric skillet is the versatile kitchen appliance you need! ItÕs 12 inches wide, 15 inches long and about 4 inches deep allowing you to cook delicious meals for the entire family without ever turning on the stove. VERSATILE COOKING OPTIONS Because of its size, this electric skillet is perfect for cooking casseroles or browning meats. Plus, it can handle all your normal skillet functions like sautŽing, searing and sauces. BASTING KNOB Unique to the Paula Deen Electric Skillet the Basting Knob ensures you get flavorful food every time. You simply fill the knob with wine, broth, beer or other liquid, and it slowly drips onto your food infusing it with flavor and sealing in moisture. And with the glass lid, you can monitor your meal without letting out any heat or moisture. SIMPLE TEMPERATURE PROBE PaulaÕs Temperature Probe plugs into the Electric Skillet and provides 4 heat settings Ð up to 450¼ - to allow you to cook just about anything. It also has a Keep Warm setting so that you can serve straight from your skillet Ð perfect for buffets and potlucks! EASY TO CLEAN Features GranIT ceramic with 4 layers of non-stick coating to make cleaning a breeze. After cooking, allow the skillet to cool down and then wipe the inside clean with a kitchen cloth. The glass, basting lid is dishwasher safe. Additional Features
  • Basting Knob
  • GranIT Non-Stick Ceramic Coating
  • Keep Warm Setting
More Details
  • Item Display Weight: 4.36 LB
  • Wattage: 1400 Watt
  • Item Display Depth 12 IN
  • Item Display Width 15 IN
  • Item Display Height 7.75 I

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 04 October 2020, 10:08 PM
1Sale Deals
posted by 1Sale Deals
04 October 2020, 10:08 PM
Mike 6 Oct 2020, 7:45 AM
Hey ny’all, where my knickers at? -Paula deen