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$299 Apple MacBook Air 13.3" i5 Processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, MD231LL/A (Seller refurbished) +FS

Ebay offers Apple MacBook Air 13.3" i5 Processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, MD231LL/A (Seller refurbished) for $299 (orig. $798) with free shipping.

Product Description:
Those shopping for a laptop that can easily goanywhere should consider the Apple MacBook Air A1466. It is lightweight,easy to tote, and provides tremendous power in a small 13-inch package.Its silver chrome casing is sleek and stylish for those who have an eyefor aesthetics. The display size and resolution also provide a clearimage without compromising on size. The integrated graphics card allowsyou rich colors and smooth processing for those who want to play a rangeof games, both online and offline. This model of the MacBook Air is asophisticated, hardworking laptop with dependable quality that can workas hard as you do for hours at a time.This 13.3-inch notebook operateson an Intel Core i5 processor. It has a processor speed of 1.80gigahertz, making it a dependable computer for casual browsing ormedium-intensity work. It only takes seconds to start up after openingits lid. This is because the Apple MacBook Air uses flash storage, whichalso allows apps to launch quickly. This MacBook model has an LEDscreen with a rich display in both size and resolution. The 13-inchscreen and 1440 by 900 resolution ensure that whether you're browsing,writing, or watching, the display is crystal clear. The Apple MacBookAir has an internal hard drive capacity of 128 GB. It also has 4 GB ofinstalled RAM with 8 GB of maximum RAM supported. The solid-state drive(SSD) is fast and secure, protecting your data against accidental dropsor jarring motions. You can use the Apple MacBook for work, personaldocuments, or essays for school. Students, writers, and office workerscan make great use of a MacBook Air, and it would make a perfect giftfor any of the above. A single charge will give you up to 7 hours ofbattery life, which is useful for those on the go. On standby mode, thebattery life can last for up to 30 days. Apple notebooks providedependable quality and impressive internal storage space without anyextra bulk. This MacBook is highly portable, weighing only 2.96 pounds.The slender size of this model makes it fit easily on even the mostcluttered desks or in bags and backpacks. It will automatically findavailable Wi-Fi networks and you can easily connect to the one of yourchoice. Stream sports, browse YouTube, or stay up to date on the newsthanks to this notebook's steady Wi-Fi capability. The Apple MacBook Airwill also easily connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices.This Applenotebook also has two USB ports, an integrated video camera, and aMagSafe power adapter port. Hook up your iPhone, iPad, or other devicesto your Mac so you can load up songs or transfer files with ease. Audioaccessories can easily work on the MacBook Air thanks to outlets forheadphones or speakers. There is also an internal microphone, whichmakes voice chat or audio recordings a breeze. You can Skype withfriends or record a vlog with quality audio.|

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Posted on 14 December 2020, 12:38 PM