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$19.99 TODAY ONLY: Save $20 on Egg Sitter

1Sale offers TODAY ONLY: Save $20 on Egg Sitter for $19.99 (orig. $39.99)

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The Egg Sitter is the revolutionary support cushion that uses a specially designed silicone material arranged in a honeycomb web to absorb major pressure points while sitting. This is especially important for those that sit for long periods of time at home or in an office setting, but these are great for anyone looking to relieve the pressures that go along with sitting for too long.

These cushions are SO absorbent that you can actually sit on an egg without breaking it... NO JOKE!

The Egg Sitter's honeycomb design promotes air circulation so it stays cooler longer, and it maintains its shape even after hours of sitting on it so you don't have to worry about beating it back into shape every time you want to go sit down.

You have to give this cushion a try to really feel how comfy they are. You'll be mad at yourself for not getting one sooner!

Features and Benefits:

  • - Absorbs Pressure Points for More Comfortable Sitting
  • - Great for Prolonged Sitting at the Office or at Home
  • - Allows Air to Circulate
  • - Stays Cooler Longer than Most Cushions
  • - Retains its Shape Even After Hours of Sitting
  • - Strong and Durable Elasta-Core™Silicone
  • - Fits Most Chairs
  • - Includes Free Washable Nylon Cover
  • - 14.25" x 16.70"

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 29 March 2021, 10:08 PM
1Sale Deals
posted by 1Sale Deals
29 March 2021, 10:08 PM