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$289.99 Creality CR-10 V2 3D Printer With High Precision +FS

1Sale offers Creality CR-10 V2 3D Printer With High Precision for $289.99 (orig. $1209.04) +Free Shipping

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Features: • Dual fans cool down the nozzle so that the nozzle cools more quickly and more evenly, and the printed model will have a better effect.
• Creality CR-10 V2 3D Printer adds an internationally renowned brand Titan near-end extruder and BL-TOUCH automatic leveling equipment, remote extrusion, and near-end extrusion are mutually switchable, very flexible.
• Creality CR-10 V2 3D Printer also changed the previous SD cards and small cards suitable for CR-10 to large cards, which are more convenient to use and prevent them from falling into the card slot.
• CR-10 V2 has 24V/350W internationally renowned brand MEAN WELL power supply, strong and stable power supply capacity.
• CR-10 V2 uses a silent motherboard, which is completely noise-free for use in-home or office areas.
• The solid golden triangle. In terms of appearance design, Creality CR-10 V2 3D Printer continues the classic CR-10, adding a slanted shelf to the rectangular frame to form a stable triangular frame, this 3d printer is very stable so that the printed model will not appear biased. 
• Compared with the CR-10 plastic extruder, CR-10 V2 uses an all-metal extruder, which can feed filaments more stably and obtain better printing quality.
• Breakpoint resuming printing function, after the power supply is restored, continue printing. When the material is used up, inserting the printing filaments, printing can be resumed.
• The hotbed is made of carbon crystal silicon glass to prevent edge warping and easy to take molds.
• 300 * 300 * 400mm large enough print size, Creality CR-10 V2 3D Printer supports various 1.75mm printing filaments, such as PLA / ABS / PETG / TPU. 
• Creality CR-10 V2 3D Printer is widely used in toys, construction, furniture, education, medical treatment, daily necessities, and other fields.
• In terms of details, CR-10 V2 seeks for better progress. The sense of safety and quality are better than the original CR-10. The extruder, power supply, and accessories are all made of well-known brand products, with excellent quality and safe operation, the safety factor is particularly high.
Model: CR-10 V2
Plug: US
Power Supply: AC Input: 115V/230V, Output: 24V
Power Rating: 350W
Molding Technology: FDM
Printing Size: 300*300*400mm
Printing Speed: ≤180mm/s, normal 30-60mm/s
Printing Accuracy: ±0.1mm
Layer Thickness: 0.1mm-0.4mm
Nozzle Diameter: Standard 0.4mm
Nozzle Number: 1
Hotbed Temperature: ≤100℃
Auto Leveling: No
Working Mode: Online or SD card offline printing
File Format: STL,OBJ,AMF
Slice Software: Cura/Repetier-Host/Simplify 3D
Operation System: for MAC/Linux/WindowsXP/Vista/7/8/10
Filaments Supported: PLA/ABS/PETG/TPU
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Machine Size: 45.0 * 59.0 * 61.0cm / 17.7 * 23.2 * 24.0in
Machine Weight: 11.5kg / 25.4lbs
Package Size: 62.5 * 53.5 * 27.0cm / 24.6 * 21.1 * 10.6in
Package Weight: 14.5kg / 32.0lbs

Package List:
1 * Creality CR-10 V2 3D Printer Set

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Posted on 18 April 2021, 11:08 PM
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18 April 2021, 11:08 PM