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$669.99 Old Modern Handicrafts Black Pearl Pirate Ship +FS

Wayfair offers Old Modern Handicrafts Black Pearl Pirate Ship for $669.99 (reg $1031.89) with free shipping.

Product Description:
The Black Pearl, originally Wicked Wench, is a fictional ship in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. In the screenplay, the Black Pearl is easily recognised by her distinctive black hull and sails. This turns out to be an advantage in more than one way. Not only do the black sails act as a sort of intimidation tactic, but the Pearls crew can put out the deck lamps for added stealth at night. The ship was originally named Wicked Wench before she was ordered burned and sunk by Lord Beckett[citation needed]. It was later raised from the sea floor by Davy Jones after making a pact with Jack Sparrow who rechristened her the Black Pearl. She is said to be ''nigh uncatchable''. Indeed, in the three films she either overtakes or flees all other ships, including the Interceptor (regarded as the fastest ship in the Caribbean) and the Flying Dutchman (which is actually faster against the wind). Her speed is derived from the large amount of sails she carries. She is noted in At Worlds End as being ''The only ship as what (which) can outrun the Flying Dutchman.'' The Black Pearl is one of the locations that can be visited in the Port Royal world of Kingdom Hearts II.
  • Include metal anchors and cannons, authentic crow's nest, advanced intricate rigging, full blow sails, an ornate stern and many more
  • Comes on a solid wood base, with metal nameplate
  • 100% hand built from scratch using 'plank on frame' construction method
  • Master craftsmen have spent more than 100 hours to finish it

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 07 May 2021, 06:10 AM