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$163.75 5 oz MintID Buffalo Silver Bar .999+ Fine (NFC Scan Authentication) +FS

Ebay offers 5 oz MintID Buffalo Silver Bar .999+ Fine (NFC Scan Authentication) for $163.75 with free shipping.

Product Description:
This 5 oz MintID Buffalo Silver Bar .999+ Fine (NFC Scan Authentication) is now able to be purchased from Bullion Exchanges. When investors buy silver bars, it is imperative that you know you are receiving an authentic and secure silver bar. This 5 ounce, .999+ fine silver bar struck by MintID is a solution! The MintID 5 oz silver bar is enhanced with never-seen-before technology in the form of a special tamper-proof NFC microchip. You are able to scan this microchip with your cell phone and view that specific bar’s cloud-based digital identification, like a fingerprint. Therefore, fraud is incredibly unlikely with the MintID silver bars. Invest smart with a 5 oz MintID Buffalo Silver Bar .999+ Fine (NFC Scan Authentication).
MintID is a company that boldly strikes what they qualify is the world’s most secure bullion products. Each of the Buffalo silver bars is bolstered with security by the tamperproof  AES-128 bit encryption microchip. This microchip arrives pre-attached to the silver bar, and it meets the “Advanced Encryption Standard” (AES). AES is a US government-approved technology. What makes this microchip better than serial numbers, barcodes, and other forms of security is that encrypted microchips are simply much more secure. This microchip grants you access to authenticate your silver bar at home for free! All you need to do is use the MintID application downloadable from your iOS or Android cellphone’s app store. After using your camera to scan the microchip, your product’s digital identity will appear in the MintID’s Cloud. This digital fingerprint includes the history of when and where your silver bar was scanned, and you don’t need an account to view it! Because the microchips are tamperproof, the chip self-destructs if it detects any attempt to remove it. If any attempt to remove the microchip is made, the application will render the chip as tampered with. Additional information accessible in the application also includes Real-Time Authentication, Product Image, Product Specifications, Digital Serial Number, and Buy/Sell Capabilities.
Bar Specifications:
  • Securely equipped with AES-128 bit encrypted NFC microchip to prevent counterfeiting 
  • Made with .999+ fine silver and weighs 5 ounces
  • Produced by MintID
  • Obverse: Features the MintID logo with a cellphone. Beneath that is a buffalo mid-stride. Four-lines make up the border. Inscriptions: “5 TROY OUNCES”, “.999+ FINE SILVER”, “www.MintID.com”, and “5” in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • Reverse: Displays the MintID logo in a repeating pattern with the four-line border and “5” inscription in the bottom left corner. In the center is the MintID scannable NFC microchip.

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Posted on 20 June 2021, 07:47 AM