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$14.91 75% BLOWOUT SALE: 6-Pair Compress Socks

1Sale offers 75% BLOWOUT SALE: 6-Pair Compress Socks for $14.91 (orig. $59.99)

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Best Compression Socks For Swelling

If you suffer from pain or fatigue in your lower legs, these Copper Flux Compression Socks may be just the thing to give you some much needed relief.

Compression therapy can help promote circulation, reduce swelling, and make it a lot more bearable to walk. These are rated for moderate compression at 15-20mmHg.

Best Copper Compression Socks

Copper Compression Socks are socks with copper woven directly into the fabric. By adding copper, a centuries-old natural disinfectant, users are provided a superior remedy for tired or achy lower extremities while killing odor-causing bacteria. Great for Athlete's Feet sufferers!

Plus the copper infusion ensures that the fabric stays tight and elastic over time.

Compression Socks for Deep Vein Thrombosis

Compression stockings or socks treat symptoms of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a type of blood clot.

DVTs tend to form in your upper or lower leg. They can interfere with the way blood normally flows up from the legs to the heart. These blood flow issues can cause blood to pool in your legs.

Compression stockings can help prevent DVT-related symptoms before they begin and help ease "post-thrombotic syndrome".

Stylish Compression Socks

For years compression socks were nylon colored and associated with something your grandma would wear.

Now because of the many benefits people of all ages and sizes are wearing them. In fact most athletes swear by them!

That's why these Copper Flux Compression Socks have not just created some of the best compression socks around, but they've also made them stylish for all of us to wear.

You get 6 pairs of black compression socks with various accent colors. Perfect for matching your athletic wear or looking great under a pair of pants!

Sizes Chart:


  • Fits Men's Sizes 6-9, Calf Size: 9in - 15in
  • Fits Women's Sizes 5-10, Calf Size: 9in - 15in


  • Fits Men's Sizes 9-12, Calf Size: 14in - 19in
  • Fits Women's Sizes 10-13, Calf Size: 14in - 19in


  • - 6 Pairs of Compression Socks
  • - Super Soft and Comfy
  • - Copper Infused
  • - Moderate Compression 15-20mmHg
  • - Antibacterial Properties Cut Down on Odor
  • - Reduces Pain, Swelling and Fatigue in Calves and Ankles
  • - Good for Varicose Veins and Mild to Moderate Edema
  • - Machine Washable
  • - Material: 90 percent Nylon, 10 percent Spandex

Category: Clothing & Accessories

Posted on 24 June 2021, 10:08 PM
1Sale Deals
posted by 1Sale Deals
24 June 2021, 10:08 PM