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Poop Scooper for Dogs, AC + FSSS

Amazon offers Poop Scooper for Dogs for after coupon.  Free shipping with Prime or on orders over $25.

Apply Code: 7IEH378U

Product Description:
  • 31.5" long handle, no bend down】 Bamada pooper scooper for dogs can help you clean up shit elegantly and quickly. You don’t need to bend over, you don’t need to touch shit with your hands, or even smell the shit, you can easily clean up the shit. It is especially suitable for the elderly who own dogs.
  • 【The compact shark tooth design will not be missed】 The traditional poop scooper may be an iron rake or a flat-mouth feces storage box. The dog poop scoop designed by Bamada is composed of zigzags that are completely closed on both sides, tightly biting, even in the weeds, it can completely pick up the dog poop without missing it.
  • 【Portability and foldability】 This poop scooper is 31.5" in length and only 15.5" when folded. But the maximum opening distance of its shark's mouth can reach 5.3". Its weight is only 1.2lb. It is very convenient whether you take your dog for a walk downstairs or drive your dog out for travel. No matter your pet dog is large small or medium-sized, especially suitable for heavy duty dogs.
  • 【Easy to use and clean】 This toilet picker is equipped with a garbage bag and a garbage bag storage box. You can put the garbage bag into the shark mouth storage bin, and then directly pick up the feces. Or you can use it with toilet paper, cover the toilet paper on the feces, press the handle to open the storage bin, and pick up the feces. This poop scooper is made of sturdy ABS material with a smooth surface. It can be washed directly with water after use.
  • 【It can be used in any place】 Whether you are in the courtyard, on the road, or on the gravel road, without worrying about the disposal of dog excrement. This long handle toilet can easily pick up the feces of pet cats and dogs. With it, you can solve your worries about picking up feces.

Category: Pet Supplies

Posted on 07 July 2021, 07:16 AM
posted by Maggie
07 July 2021, 07:16 AM