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Cordless Drill - 20V Cordless Drill with Battery & Charger AC +FS

Amazon offers Cordless Drill - 20V Cordless Drill with Battery & Charger for after coupon with free shipping.
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Product Description:
  • High Efficiency Motor; If you desire a cost-effective and powerfuldrill, the SnapFresh Power Drill will be your best choice; The durablematerial of the electric drill can extend the life of the product,reduce power consumption and extend working time; After 1 hour of fullycharged, the idling operation of the battery drill can be last 50-60minute; The speed range is 0 to 1400 RPM
  • 22 Torque and 2 Speed options; SnapFresh Cordless Drill is equipped with21 different torque setting and 1 special drill mode, it can help youto deal with both hard and soft materials; 2 speed options achieve thegoal of converting from soft work to hard work by simply sliding thegear switch; Variable Speed can easily help you to change the speed tofit most of the work, the more the trigger is pulled back, the higherthe speed of drill kit
  • Plenty of Accessories; SnapFresh Drill Combo Kit will come with a richdrill set and 1 charger and battery; Power Drill with 42 drill bits and 1flexible shaft, they are all in 1 professional tool bag; It can giveyou a one stop shopping experience, you can easily deal with differentsizes of screws without paying more money and effort to obtain otherdrill bits
  • Light weight and User Friendly Design; SnapFresh focuses onaccomplishing more works with less physical strength; 2.7 LB weight ofelectric cordless drill can be easily held in one hand. Rubber gripimproves stability while you are working; magnetic drill design provideseasy access to changing drill bits for users. The enjoyable experiencewill be with you after using SnapFresh
  • Ideal Drill Driver For The Household; LED working light can illuminatethe dark area, to ensure work accuracy; Reverse and Front Control canloosen or tighten screws; safety lock can protect your family andchildren from accidentally touching; SnapFresh understands what ourcustomer’s need through our professional manufacturer experience
  • Please Note That: When green light on & red light off it means battery inserted but CHARGING HAS FINISHED.
  • Battery Charging Instructions; In order to maximize your battery’s life,please fully charge the battery while it is not in use; If you did nothear the click sound when you inserting the battery to the charger, itis not a problem and it will not affect the charging; the battery isalready fully charged when it was shipped out, if it cannot charged forthe first time use, please turn it on the machine for 30s and then putit into charger

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Posted on 20 July 2021, 01:24 PM


Tamera Bishop