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MVV WiFi Projector AC +FS

Amazon offers MVV WiFi Projector for after coupon with free shipping.
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Product Description:
  • 💌【Big News 1: As the Leader Among Mini Projectors, Upgraded High LUX, 3Times than Others】 Lux is the core technology of the projector, it isthe most important index to measure the projector. MV06 mini projectoris 180 ANSI which is at least 3 times more than other mini projectors.As we are new and want more people to know about these advantages, justset the price the same as other ordinary ones. Please try it, it will bebeyond expectation.
  • 💌 【Big News 2: Screen Synchronization via WiFi or USB cable】ScreenSynchronization with simple steps is more needed and important intoday's world. YES, MV06 projector with wifi can meet your needs. (1)You can synchronize or mirror your smart phones & tablets screen viaWiFi function, you also can use the original manufacturer USB chargingcable to synchronize your devices. Don’t need any adapter or additionalcable. (2) User friendly, the connection steps are easier and morestable.
  • 💌 【Big News 3: Additional Projector Screen】 MV06 outdoor projector andscreen package(100 inch). Just need the MV06 package, one projector withone projector screen, a home theater can be created in your room orbackyard easily. MV06 is a backyard projector for outdoor movies, can’twait to see how it is outside this summer? Easy Movie projector foroutdoor use & indoor use.
  • 💌 【Big News 4: All Needed Compatibility and Application】Equipped withHDMI, VGA, AV, USB interfaces, the projector is compatible with TV Box,TV Stick, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, USB Flash Drive, players. It’s supposedto apply to many environment—Home Theater, Video Game, Party. You canuse it for small meetings in a dark room, but it is not a professionaloffice projector for PPT or text. As for copyright, some videos (such asNetflix) can't be played via phone connection (wifi or usb).
  • 💌【Big News 5: Worry-Free】We provides a 3-YEAR After sales servicepromise, 100% money back guarantee and professional customer service andtechnical support. You can contact us anytime at e-mail, call and ourbrand website and will be answered within 24 hours.

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Posted on 03 August 2021, 02:46 PM