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ADIMO Safe Box with 1.23 Cubic Feet, Safe Cabinet with 2 Master Key AC +FS

Amazon offers ADIMO Safe Box with 1.23 Cubic Feet, Safe Cabinet with 2 Master Key for after coupon with free shipping.
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Product Description:
  • 【Extra Strong with Extra Thick Material】Alloy steel makes Adimo 35 safebox thicker and therefore safer from any potential drilling anddamaging. There are three thick bolts at the side of the door, makingthe door stronger for thefts. These make Adimo 35 safe a perfect choicefor your valuable items such as cash, gold, jewelry or importantdocument.
  • 【Dual Unlock Systems, Double Insurance】Rather than common digital keypadunlock mode, Adimo 35 safe box provides double security, onlycombination with digital and master key is the way to unlock. Eventhough the you forget the password, combination of master key andemergency key is still working. PLEASE NOTE THAT the master key isalways required to unlock the safe. Take a little longer time but keepmuch more safe.
  • 【Alternative Open Methods for Different Situation】You can open the safewith two different ways. For daily open, you can use the master key andthe digital password. If you forget the password, you can open it withmaster key and emergency key. Adimo has thought of the solutions toemergency, bring your life more convenience and security at the sametime.
  • 【Warning Alarm, Intelligent Guardian】The safe has its own intelligentalarm system, reminding you when your valuable is in potential danger.The alarming apparatus is sensitive, the alarm will be automaticallytriggered and safe box is about to make warning sound immediately underfollowing two situations:①entering the password incorrectly three times,②when it encounters severe collision.
  • 【No LCD but Safer than You Think】 Adimo 1.23 cubic feet safe lock boxonly equipment with keypad without the LCD, avoiding password leakaccidentally, keeping your password as well. Meanwhile, dual key systemimprove security. Adimo concerns not only about your valuables but alsoyour privacy.
  • 【One More Protection】Two expansion screw holes at the back of the safecan make easy installation. You can install the safe on the wall in theoffice or in the closet at home to prevent thieves from taking theentire safe, adding one more protection to your treasure.
  • 【Appropriate Inside Apportion,Flexible Allocation】 Whole inside of Adimo35 safe box is divided into 2 parts by removable alloy steel shelf,which portion of the upper and the lower is 1:1. Appropriate insideapportion satisfies classified placement. The shelf can be removed aswell when there is no need.
  • 【Easy Organization with 5 Hooks】 There are five hooks behind the safedoor, you can hang the spare keys of the house and the car (do not lockthe key of the safe in the safe), jewelry and other valuables on thehook. Hooks can help you organize your items and reduce the time youspend looking for items.

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Posted on 09 August 2021, 01:45 PM