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Pylyfe 40W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights AC +FSSS

Amazon offers Pylyfe 40W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights for after code. Eligible for free super saver shipping.

Apply Code: 50FTWJJB

Product Features:
  • Full Spectrum Grow Light-- Plant grow light has 40 beads (26 red and 14blue), Blue LED grow lights can promote the growth of germination stems and leaves; red LED grow lights can help flowering; blue + red LED Plant grow lights can help flowers, plants and fruits to flower and bear fruit.After using this grow lights, plants can absorb all the light to meet the needs of various plant growth processes. The light wavelengths range from 380nm to 780nm to meet different lighting requirements.
  • Natural Sun Light Required by Plants--This LED grow lights with 3 color modes(Red Grow Light, Blue Grow Light & Mixed Grow Light) and 9 Dimmable options to suit different stages of indoor plant growth,grow light provide different brightness levels can meet the different needs of plants for sunlight in different growth stages.grow light effectively supplemented the lack of natural sunlight and promoted the growth of plants at all stages.
  • Timing Function & High Quality LED Circuits --This grow light with the circular-memory time function allows to automatically turn on/off grow lights every day according to your settings, there is no worry about plant withering when nobody at home after using grow lights. This grow light made of aviation aluminum heat conductive material greatly extended the longevity and grow lights provides steady current without flickering, melting or burning.
  • 360° Gooseneck & Easy to Use--This grow light comes with flexible goosenecks with clip can be rotated 360 degrees make grow light easier for you to adjust the angle between the plant grow lamp and indoor plant. This grow light is powered by USB or AC Power Plug(USB power adapter included ).Plant grow light is suitable for indoor plant seedlings grown in a hydroponic greenhouse at your home or you placed in your office.
  • Wide Application & Quality Assurance--Grow light with full Spectrum have a lifetime of up to 50000 hours, perfect for flowers, vegetables, fruits, and succulents. Helping prolong the flowering time, promote plant germination and flowering, promote the ripeness and sweetness of fruits and vegetables, and promote the health and long-term growth of succulents.Our grow lights offer a 24-month warranty for you, if there is any problem, please contact us anytime.

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Posted on 12 August 2021, 09:01 AM


William GoodmanAlicia