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Urbenfit 39.4-Foot Trampoline Sprinkler AC +FSSS

Amazon offers Urbenfit 39.4-Foot Trampoline Sprinkler for after code. Eligible for free super saver shipping. 

Apply Code: 86TJZMPX

Product Features:
  • 【 Enjoy a Cooling and Fun Summer - Outdoor Water Playing 】 Urbenfit trampoline sprinkler can spray mist water into the trampoline, can reduce the temperature of the trampoline by 25°. Let the kids play freely in the courtyard and spend the cool summer. Grab this set and complement the outdoor fun with practical cuteness.
  • 【 HAPPY FAMILY SUMMER TIME - PERFECT for trampoline water park,birthday parties or big groups】Children and pets will excitedly play in sprays and sprinkles. Adult can release pressure from the inflatable water toy. Perfect for relaxation or celebration at lawn, garden, swimming pool or beach. The sprinkler pad allows children enjoy outdoors in a cool day. Create previous memories with your family. Leave the precious memories with your family in summer by using Urbenfit Sprinkler.
  • 【 Perfect Trampoline Accessories - Durable and Safe】Trampoline with Trampoline accessories water game sprinkler will become a water park. This water spary sprinkler is made of environment-friendly material which is non-toxic,New design one zip tie two net holes less weight on each net hole,will not easy to break and falling to kids
  • 【Misting Cooling System - Energy conservation and environmental protection】Watering by misting can over a more large area than traditional watering, increasing humidity effectively and reducing dust particles, giving a uniform water volume for plant watering in garden, vegetable land,landscaping,greenhouse, giving a continuous misting water for cleaning in livestock farm
  • 【Easy to install - Equipped with professional according to the hole, does not affect the outlet pressure】Improved Sprinkler hose can be simply attach to any trampoline net directly with zip ties comes with the product,also will not damage the net and stuck the water of hose,enjoy your cooling and fun summer

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 19 August 2021, 07:04 AM