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Night Cat 18W Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper AC +FS

Amazon offers Night Cat 18W Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: 40O326QW

Product Features:
  • NEW Function in US: LIGHT SENSOR Mode-Auto ON/OFF- Night Cat Zapper provides the NEW Extra Function that other similar zappers does not have, can work in LIGHT SENSOR : auto switch on and start working when it “senses” the sounding environment is dark, and auto switch off when the environment gets bright to save power and extend the longevity of the light tube.To try LIGHT SENSOR Mode,you need to switch 'II'. If switch 'I',the zapper will keep ON,and switch 'O',it will keep OFF.
  • Auto Trap and Kill Fly Insects- The bug zapper lamp uses 18W attractant purple light to attract mosquitoes, flies, gnats, bugs, moths and other insects. The 4200V high voltage powered electric grid will trap and kill these fly insects immediately and automatically
  • Zero Flys within 2100 SQ FT Coverage Area- Spread purple light to 360° thoroughly attract all kinds of fly insects flying into the electric zapper from each side. 18W lamp is powerful to clear up all bugs from sounding coverage area up to 2100 SQ FT, provides a healthy and peaceful environment for you
  • Safe Zapper with Outer Housing Protection- Electric shock only when mosquitoes touchs the internal electric grid that is fenced with a sounding outer layer of ABS plastic housing to prevent people, animals, or pets from accidental contact
  • Widely Used in Indoor and Outdoor Zapper- Hanging hoop makes this fly killer Trap convenient to hang on the tree, porch, backyard, garden, patio or any outdoor places you want, thanks to this outdoor zapper is waterproof . The flat bottom also makes it stable on the table or ground to be used indoor. Removable bottom tray collects the insect debris, please clean it regularly. The matching brush makes it easy to clean

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Posted on 20 August 2021, 06:17 AM