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$29.91 ($29) Solar Lamp Birdbath (Retails at $80)

1Sale offers ($29) Solar Lamp Birdbath (Retails at $80) for $29.91 (orig. $79.99)

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Add a delightful space for birds to cool off while beautifying your lawn with the 4-in-1 Birdbath with Solar Lamp, Feeder, and Planter.

This innovative birdbath attracts birds which will not only help aerate your grass to produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn...but they also serve as a natural pest repellent. Not to mention, a healthy community of birds will sing pleasant songs every morning in your very own garden!

This birdbath comes with a rechargeable 300mAh battery to charge up the Solar Lamp. Leave it outside during the day and it will automatically turn on at night when the sun goes down, providing a nice atmospheric touch to your landscape.

The base of the Solar Lamp can be filled with bird feed of your choice to further entice those adorable critters to hang out and keep coming back to your yard.

The lower basin can be filled with plants for additional floral arrangements.

It is constructed of durable, lightweight polypropylene, finished in antique bronze. While it looks like it is very heavy, it can be easily moved or repositioned. But once you know where you want it, the addition of water, soil, and plants will make it stable enough. It is also weather resistant and rustproof so you can enjoy this piece for a long time.


  • - Decorative Birdbath and Feeder Keeps Birds Coming Back
  • - Solar Powered Lamp Turns on Automatically at Night
  • - Birds Help Aerate Your Soil and Serve as Natural Pest Control
  • - Built-in Bottom Basin for Plants and Flowers
  • - Lightweight and Weather-Resistant
  • - Antique Bronze Finish Compliments Any Garden
  • - Easy Assembly
  • - No Electricity Needed
  • - Includes Stakes For Secure Ground Installation
  • - Overall Dimensions: 20" Diameter x 41" Tall

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 24 August 2021, 10:08 PM
1Sale Deals
posted by 1Sale Deals
24 August 2021, 10:08 PM