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Forgifting 24K Gold Dipped Infinity Rose AC +FS

Amazon offers Forgifting 24K Gold Dipped Infinity Rose for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: FORGIFTING40

Product Features:
  •  IS THE PRODUCT MADE OF REAL FLOWERS? - Yes, the rose is made by processing real flowers through multiple procedures. To keep the natural veins, petals, and stalks of real flowers, over 70% of the procedures are made manually. You can clearly see that the products have the entire veins and petals. But to provide artistic effects, we conducted some artificial processes for the roses, such as fixing the flowers and leaves with steel wires and wrapping them with resin to get fixed&spread, etc.
  •  IS THE PRODUCT EQUIPPED WITH 24K GOLD? - Yes, the FORGIFTING Rose is equipped with 24K gold. Therefore, you can see the shining golden surface. It has two clad layers. The base is made of brass, and 24K gold is electroplated on the brass surface. But what we must declare is that the rose is 24K gold plating, NOT all 24k gold. "24K gold rose" is the industry common name of this product.
  •  WHY CHOOSE OUR PRODUCTS INSTEAD OF FRESH FLOWERS? - Fresh flowers cannot be preserved for a long time, while our FORGIFTING Rose can be kept for a long period. It will be the best alternative for fresh rose flowers. It should be a new choice for customers who always choose fresh flowers. It’s a perfect gift for any lady. Besides, art processing is made for the product to make it more beautiful than fresh flowers! You can use it as a showpiece at your window sill, desk, or bedside.
  •  WHY DO SOME PEOPLE SAY IT LOOKS LIKE PLASTICS? - Firstly, people’s aesthetics and preferences vary. Secondly, the product is equipped with highly-transparent glass-look resin to pack petals and leaves. Please note that resin is not plastics. But we use plastic material as the petal veins attachment layer. Our production process is very complicated, not the rough plastic flower that you can buy in the $2 store. Details determine value.
  •  TIPS: ① Certain product batches may have a smell of glue due to the packing box. The smell is a result of regular processing, being harmless and non-toxic. And the smell does not come from our flowers, just leave the box open for a day to remove odor. ② Please do not pull or bump the rose, especially petals and leaves. ③ Please be confident to buy our gold roses. Don't like it once received? Feel free to return it! But please keep the product completely ready for secondary sale.

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 30 August 2021, 09:22 AM