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Jim Beam 9" Burger Cover and Cheese Melting Dome +FSSS

Amazon offers Jim Beam 9" Burger Cover and Cheese Melting Dome for . Eligible for free super saver shipping. 

Product Features:
  • Heat retention & splatter reduction: jim beams 9" Grill dome cover produces a dynamic cooking Sphere that retains heat and cooks incredibly juicy meals from all sides faster than larger ovens and BBQs.
  • FAST-EASY CLEANING: Perfect for indoor and outdoor use all-year round, our affordable grill dome cover is aluminum-free, scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe—providing years of increasingly dependable use and succulent culinary nourishment.
  • Innovative cooking equipment: Jim Beam designs affordable grilling Domes and robust basting covers that generate efficient cooking environments which create mouthwatering meals every time you fire up the grill!
  • Premium quality construction: The Premium quality construction of this stainless-steel dome makes it suitable for the professional chef and the home kitchen.
  • Multi-purpose cover: this dome is ideal for concentrating heat to cook meat evenly, to melt cheese or to steam vegetables. The concentrating heat helps food retain flavor, prevents splatter, reduces cooking time too.
  • Large diameter: the 9” burger cover serves to cover multiple burgers and substantial portions of food. Great to use at parties, gatherings, cook out and camps.
  • Easy to clean: Easy to clean and maintain this burger dome promises a life time of super satisfactory service.

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 22 September 2021, 07:31 AM