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UGZOO Dish Drying Rack and Drainboard Set AC +FS

Amazon offers UGZOO Dish Drying Rack and Drainboard Set for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: 305392LU

Product Features:
  • Perfect Dish Drying Rack and Drainboard Set: UGZOO Dish Drying Rack is the options for people with small kitchens or two-person households, as well as four-person (or larger) households. The UGZOO Dish Rack held everything we put in it—five place settings each consisting of dinner plates, bowls, cups, spoons, forks, knives, and wine glasses all at once—comfortably drying everything well.
  • Space-Efficient: A good dish rack that fits your needs can make all the difference in your dish-washing experience, drying dishes efficiently and neatly while not taking up too much precious counter space. Our UGZOO Dish Drying Rack is large enough to hold a variety of dishes, yet it has a reasonably compact footprint—it’s a little smaller than a medium-size toaster oven.
  • Durable: UGZOO Dish Drying Rack's sturdy build helps keep your dishes safe, and its swiveling drain spout gives you the flexibility to angle your dish rack however you need, effectively drains excess water into your sink. The rack’s wires can hold plates both thick and thin, the large utensil holder can house silverware and larger utensils, and the cup holder can comfortably store at least six cups.
  • Easy To Clean: The best dish racks should work for someone who is lazy—someone who is not likely to clean the dish rack more than once every few months and who is also not likely to have a dishwasher to throw the rack in whenever it gets gross. Our UGZOO Dish Drying Rack disassembles into four pieces(utensil holder, wine-glass holder, drain tray, and rack) that you can easily wash, as well, ensuring that your clean dishes stay that way.
  • High Quality: The wires have a rust resistant coating that is relatively gentle on dishes and could help prevent rust over time. This rack also has no-slip rubber feet to help keep it in place and prevent countertop scratches.
  • Care and Maintenance: Unless your MO is to use a dish rack until it’s so disgusting that you have to throw it out, occasional cleaning is necessary no matter what model you have. Maybe once a month, at least, so it’s important to be able to clean your dish rack regularly without too much hassle. A cleaning-only toothbrush is good for dealing with hard-to-reach areas. For hard-water spots, a little vinegar and water should help.

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 24 September 2021, 10:29 AM