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$24.52 ColourTree High-Density Polyethylene Privacy Screen

Wayfair offers ColourTree High-Density Polyethylene Privacy Screen for $24.52. Free shipping on orders over $25.

Product Features:
  • Fabric Material and Feature
  • The fabric material is made of 170 GSM (Gram Per Sq Meter) polyethylene, 90% blockage, this material has a long lifespan under outdoor UV, we use only the virgin material, not recycled. UV-resistant compound has been added to the material, preventing from fading and tearing under sun exposure, went through 20000 hours of laboratory UV testing. The fabric allows airflow and water to go through, catches less wind and rain, helps to stay on a fence more securely.
  • More Rust-Free Grommets
  • Grommets are made of heavy-duty stainless copper, rust-free from water, and other extreme weather. There are 4 grommets in each corner, more grommets are placed along the 4 edges, 1 ft apart vertically, 2 ft apart horizontally.
  • Strong Bindings
  • All edges are wrapped and finished with 3" heavy-duty black bindings, prevent edges from unraveling, stabilize the grommets.
  • Easy Installation
  • Fence privacy screen installation can't be easier, with the help of cable zip ties or hog rings, all fence screen comes with zip ties.

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 10 October 2021, 09:44 AM


Jacci Rankin