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Censtech Electric Outdoor Heater AC +FS

Amazon offers Censtech Electric Outdoor Heater for after code with free shipping.

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Product Features:
  • 【Advanced Infrared Heating Technology】 Imagine trying to keep your patio seating area warm with a blow heater – any heat created would simply dissipate into the surrounding air before you could feel the benefit. So why not try a radiant heater? It is different from the convection heater, it uses radiation to heat people and objects directly so there is no wasted effort trying to heat the air in a large, open space. Infrared heater emits heat similar to the sun, warming you evenly and healthily.
  • 【Easy Mounted, A Real Space Saver】 Wall-mounted heaters are the safest option if you have young children and pets since the object is out of reach. It is also ideal in small spaces such as a sunroom, porch, or deck. These space-saving models take up no additional floor space, leaving plenty of room for furniture and guests. And the electric-driven heater is very convenient, no professional installation is required, and you can enjoy the warmth immediately when you hang it on the wall.
  • 【IP34, Safe Enough & Environmentally Friendly】IP ratings measure the degree of protection the heater offer against water and solid particles.IP34 plus overheating protection is enough to become your worry-free heating partner. And if you want to reduce energy consumption, infrared heaters are usually the most effective choice for outdoor or well-ventilated places, because they do not waste energy to heat the air and save the trouble of purchasing fuel.Save the bill while also saving the planet!
  • 【Remote Control And 9 Hours Timer】Transform your backyard to look like your favorite outdoor restaurant with one special touch: a patio heater. These sleek heaters make dining alfresco a dream and extend the amount of time you're able to sit comfortably outside by hours. When outdoors, the most useful feature is the remote control! You can easily turn on the heat by pressing a button from your seat. You can also set the timer for the heater by remote control, which helps a lot while you sleep.
  • 【2 Modes, Multi Application Scenarios】Picture people gathered on your decking with a glass of wine in hand.You’ll love its slim and luxury design! This outdoor heaters can be installed at an angle of 0-30 degrees, and is equipped with an adjustable temperature of 620 watts and 1500 watts to keep all your guests warm. Not only are infrared heaters excellent in domestic gardens, they also provide comfortable heating for commercial outdoor environments such as beer gardens and restaurant terraces!
  • 【Convenient assembly】The wall-mounted heater package includes mounting hardware, so you can easily install or relocate it. You can refer to our installation video or manual.

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Posted on 19 October 2021, 08:13 AM


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