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Slyucao 31" x 13" Touch-Control Heated Mouse Pad AC +FS

Amazon offers Slyucao 31" x 13" Touch-Control Heated Mouse Pad for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: 6N86678H

Product Fetaures:
  • [Product material]: The warm desk pad is made of high-quality PVC material and rubber backing, edge stitched, waterproof,pad size: 31*13 inches. It can be used as a desk pad, mouse pad or foot warmer,multifunctional.
  • [with U.S. safety certification]: The heated mouse pad complies with FCC ROHS PSC certification, rapid heating in 10 seconds,3 temperature settings, 50 Celsius high , 45 Celsius middle and 40 Celsius low settings, to keep warm in your winter.
  • [3 levels of temperature & automatic shutdown]: Touch the middle switch to adjust the level. The gear sequence is high-end (orange light), mid-range (green light), and low-end (blue light). After reaching the low gear, touch it again to turn it off. When using warm big mouse Pad, the orange light flashes for 10 seconds every hour. The foot warmer pad will automatically shut down 4 hours after power on, don’t worry about forgetting to shut it down
  • [Safety, Waterproof, and Electricity-proof Four Layers]: A heated mouse pad made of protective film, waterproof PVC leather, heating layer, non-slip pad. Water is accidentally spilled on the heated mouse pad, just wipe it clean gently, there will be no water seepage phenomenon.The switch has a built-in overcurrent protection device to prevent electric shock.
  • [Winter essential items]: It is easy to get cold hands and feet in winter, it is impossible to concentrate on study or work. Big warm mouse pad can be used to sleep on the table, step on the soles of your feet to heat your feet, turn your knees, and act as a cushion, which will keep you warmer, care for your body and help you through the cold winter.
  • [Note]: Do not place any items that are easily ignited or damaged by high temperature, such as laptops, batteries, etc., or other devices (including some keyboards) that will affect the function, or other items that are not resistant to high temperatures.

Category: Computer Components

Posted on 25 October 2021, 08:04 AM