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$59.99 Uniden SX409-3VP 3-Pack Two-Way Radio Survival Kit

Woot offers Uniden SX409-3VP 3-Pack Two-Way Radio Survival Kit for $59.99 (orig. $89.99). Free shipping for Prime Members.

Product Features:
  • In Touch, When You Need it, No Contract
  • Uniden GMRS/FRS Radios keep you in touch when you are out and about with family and friends. Use them when you are camping, shopping, biking, car caravaning, and more without using your mobile phone's minutes or data plan.
  • 22 Channels
  • The radio's 22 channels let you select the channel that is right for you. Pick a channel that no one else is using for uninterrupted communications. These channels operate on industry-standard frequencies, so you can easily communicate with people using other models or brands.
  • 121 Privacy Codes
  • Combined with the channel selection, setting a privacy code keeps you hearing only the people you want to hear. Set everyone in your group to the same channel and privacy code to keep other groups comms from interrupting yours.
  • Power Boost
  • Reserve your radio's battery power for when you need it most. Normal PTT transmits at less than 1 W ERP, which is normally plenty of power. However, if you need a little extra punch to get through trees or buildings, the Power Boost key increases power to about 1.7W ERP. (Channels 1-7, 15-22 only.)
  • NOAA Weather Alert
  • Alerts you to hazardous conditions as they arise.
  • Water Resistant
  • Your radio is designed to meet JIS Level 4 Water Resistance Standards. Great for use when NOAA tells you you might get some rain, today.
  • Emergency Strobe Light
  • Use as a flashlight, an attention getter, or to strobe-signal SOS if you really get into trouble.
  • License-Free Operation
  • No license is required to use the FRS Only channels (7-14).
  • Convenient Charging
  • The included USB-powered charging cradle lets you easily charge the radios between uses. Or, use a standard USB mini cable to charge your radios from any standard USB source, such as your mobile phone's charger, your laptop, or PC.
  • VOX Operation
  • Hands busy? No problem! The convenient VOX feature activates transmit when you start talking, even if you are not using a headset.
  • Headset Convenience
  • Plug in a speaker mic such as our ZA-133 to keep your comms from scaring off the wildlife.
  • Carabiner Loop Belt Clips
  • The included belt clips let you clip the radio to your belt. Or, use the big loop at the top of the belt clip to secure the radio to your gear using a carabiner (not included).
  • 10 Call Tones
  • Set a personal call tone so that others know when you are calling.
  • Line-Of-Sight Operation
  • Rated at up to 32 Miles Range, these two-way radios give the best range when there is a clear view between the radios. We test these radios from mountain peak to valley to ensure that they can meet the stated range. Your actual range will usually be limited by the curve of the earth, hills, buildings, trees, and other obstructions.

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Posted on 11 November 2021, 04:08 AM