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Favorgear Toddler Potty Training Chart +FSSS

Amazon offers Favorgear Toddler Potty Training Chart for . Eligible for free super saver shipping. 

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Product Features:
  • POTTY TRAINING SET SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR GIRLS PRINCESS - Our potty training set contains everything you need to successfully potty train your child. Potty training is a huge milestone for your little princess life. As soon as she is ready it is very important to encourage her flowing a system and reward each time she use the toilet or portable potty.
  • CREATIVE, UNIQUE AND FUN POTTY TRAINING KITS - We have included everything you need to make your child engaged in the potty training process! Follow the fully illustrated booklet you will know how to get start, your little girl will be working hard to get the stickers and rewards, get the “YOU DID IT” certification completely finish the potty training.
  • REWARD STICKERS - The reward stickers including cute dolphin, sea horse, turtle etc. Every time your little girl successful uses the toilet or potty they should rewarded with one of the cute sticker. Let your little princess choose and fill up the each day chart with stickers. After successful fill up the one day chart, give a different reward like toys or snack.
  • YOU DID IT DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE AND BIG STICKERS - The big stickers including in our potty training kids are designed to sticker on the relevant place to teach your little girl use of the toilet paper, flush and wash hands. When 4 weeks potty training successful finished, fill the "YOU DID IT" diploma certificate and reward her!
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED IN OUR PRINCESS POTTY TRAINING SET? – 4 weeks of training chart, 1 eight-page instruction booklet, 1 "YOU DID IT" certificate, 200 stickers, 5 big instruction stickers, and a convenient erasable marker. Make growing out of diapers and into proper underwear fun and exciting for your toddler

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Posted on 19 December 2021, 08:30 AM