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Muuv Smart Connected Exercise Bike +FS

Amazon offers Muuv Smart Connected Exercise Bike for with free shipping.

Product Features:
  • SMART, CONNECTED FITNESS FOR ALL: The müüv Bike combines premium design features with integrated, smart audio coaching that wirelessly syncs up to your device to provide a seamless workout.
  • SMART DEVICE MOUNT: Place your smartphone or tablet on the wireless Smart Mount to begin. Your device will automatically sync up to the müüv app & deliver coaching that is fun, personalized, and progression-based. LED lights on the Mount indicate your workout progression in real-time.
  • AUDIO COACHING UNIQUE TO YOU: Choose what program you want to use from intervals, hills, and more, how much time you have, how hard you want to work out, select your coach, and pick your iHeartRadio station. Tap ‘Create’ and müüv will put together a completely personal workout.
  • BUILT-IN müüv APP INTEGRATION: Deep device integration allows you to control the bike using your smartphone. For example, if you ever feel like you can’t keep up during a workout, simply tap the “Easier” button on your müüv workout (or use voice control) and your coach will suggest a new interval that decreases the intensity right away.
  • ENGINEERED FOR SUCCESS: The Bike’s premium steel frame is outfitted with practical elements to enhance your comfort during workouts. It includes a height and distance-adjustable cushioned seat, adjustable handlebars with varying grip positions, textured pedals with straps, built-in dumbbell rack (weights not included) and a built-in drink holder.

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 27 December 2021, 09:06 AM