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$29.99 Vilinice 6-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender +FS

Walmart offers Vilinice 6-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender for $29.99 (reg $79.99) with free shipping.

Product Description:
20V 60Hz 800W 6-IN-1 Multi-function Immersion Hand Blender, 10-Speed Stick Blender for Your Easy Cooking, It's a good helper for mom!
This Hand Blender can be used to make delicious treats such as salsa, pesto, pancake and watter, batter, smoothies, cheese sauce, homemade tomato sauce,hollandaise sauce, whipped cream, apple butter, various Indian dishes, soups and cakes.

【6-IN-1 MULTI-FUNCTION HAND BLENDER】➤ The new generation immersion blender with 10 adjustable speed settings can meet your various needs for mixing, chopping, egg-beating, puree, smoothie and baby food.Our stick blender with attachments which contain Blender Main Body, Milk Frother, 17oz Food Chopper, 20oz Beaker, Egg Whisk, Product Base.

【800W POWERFUL & STURDY HAND BLENDER】➤ 800-watt emersion blender with 10 speed control + turbo, 304 STAINLESS STEEL BLADES.Evenly-mixed smoothies, protein shakes, salsas, broccoli soup and mayonnaise of mouth-watering flavors.You can easily adjust the speed to fit different foods and purposes.With powerful motor, our handheld blender is idealy for frozen fruits and small ices cube.

【EASY TO CLEAN & SAFE】➤ The accessories can be cleaned with water or dishwasher (DO NOT immerse the motor part into the water). All materials in contact with food are BPA free food grade materials. You can rest assured to make juices and smoothies to share with your family.

【EASY TO ASSEMBLE】➤ Detachable blenders for kitchen. Easy to switch attachments by snap on/snap off during use, combination use of food processor, Blender, Milk Frother, Egg Whisk.Effortlessly clean after use with a dishwasher, blender and attachments with an eject button for easy removal.

【INCREASE THE BASE】➤In product design, we added a base to make storage more convenient and concise. Immersion hand blender is an ideal gift for family, mothers or food lovers.Try our handheld stick blender risk-free!

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 06 January 2022, 08:09 AM