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$21.99 Army Gear 10-in-1 Essential Emergency Survival & Camping Kit

Woot offers Army Gear 10-in-1 Essential Emergency Survival & Camping Kit for $21.99 (orig. $24.99). Free shipping for Prime Members.

Product Description:
The Army Gear 10-in-1 Survival Kit features the 10 most essential survival tools in case of a natural disaster or emergency situations. This kit is also an ideal camping kit and the only thing you'll need to tackle the great outdoors.
  • Paracord Compass to Navigate through Trails and Terrain
  • This highly accurate compass is made of ultra-strong, military-grade 550 Paracord that can be unraveled to 8ft, and has a built-in fire-starter and whistle, with an adjustable strap to fit any size wrist. Unravel the 8 feet of paracord in case you are in urgent need of an extremely strong rope or cordage. (Paracord can hold a static weight of 550 lbs.)
  • Emergency Thermal Blanket
  • Created by NASA for astronauts. Recommended by the SAS, Special Ops veterans and world renowned explorers. These full size 7' x 5' Thermal Blankets/Emergency Blankets are essential for preventing hypothermia as they retain 90% of body heat. They can also be used as a signal, to make a shelter, or as an extra layer in cold weather.
  • 500 Lumen Tactical Light
  • Ultra powerful 500 lumen LED tactical flashlight with 3 modes including strong, soft and S.O.S strobe. It also has a zoom function that can illuminate objects up to 1 mile away. This Flashlight requires 1AA battery (not included) providing a battery life is hundreds of hours of continuous use.  The dimensions are 4 inches tall by 1 inch diameter.
  • Flint Fire Starter
  • Never be caught in the cold. High quality all weather fire starter is windproof & weather resistant. Lights up time and time again. Strikes up to 15,000 times to make a fire when you want or need it most.
  • Multipurpose Swiss Card
  • Features 10 functions to equip you for everyday adventures - including blade, bottle opener, ruler, and more. Stainless steel construction encased in a convenient card shape provides sleek durability.
  • Survival Signal Whistle
  • Made of a durable Aluminum Alloy Material, the Survival Signal Whistle can be used in all environments and all weather. AN excellent airflow design makes it easy to whistle and produce maximum, clear sound. It's Double-Tube design allows for it to be blown softly, creating a blast of loud tone at a high-frequency 150 decibels. It's high power enough to be heard at long distances.
  • Tactical Pen
  • Diamond thread design at the handle, excellent anti-skid ability. Effective tactical action with improved safety coefficient.
  • Compass Clip
  • Military Grade Aluminum to handle whatever you throw at it.
  • Swiss Card 2
  • Additional MultiFunction Swiss Card with "scissor" function and additional specialty blade functions.
  • Ultra Compact Shockproof Carrying Case
  • Everything in this kit fits inside an ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight shockproof case for ultimate portability.
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Posted on 25 January 2022, 06:21 AM