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Eahthni Peel-Off Hand Mask 100g AC +FS

Amazon offers Eahthni Peel-Off Hand Mask 100g for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: 80OS5J33

Product Features:
  • 【Hyaluronic Acid】 - With the use of nutrients, promote nutrient absorption, to achieve more ideal effect.Flowable Liquid - Soft and delicate texture, easily absorbed when apply evenly.
  • 【Use Instruction】 - Rose Peel Off Hand Wax Mask, easy to use. After cleaning your hands or feet, take the appropriate amount of hand wax in your hands or the instep, evenly applied to a thin layer(about 1mm is ok). Gently peel off the edge of the wax layer after 20 to 25 minutes later. Finally, rinse your hands with clear water. Recommended to use 2~3 times a week.
  • 【Efficacy of Peeling Hand Mask】The hand mask gives your hands deep moisture and constant care with fast absorption. Helps provide skin hydration and nourishment, care for dry and rough hands, reduce lines/wrinkle.
  • 【Important Note】Apply a thin layer each time, otherwise it will take a long time to dry. Too thick is not helpful to film formation, too thin is not easy to tearing. During use, a hair dryer or a fan can be used to accelerate the film formation of hand wax. Applying hand cream after using hand wax can take better care of the skin.
  • 【Hand Wax Mask】 Can exfoliating, scrubing, whitening, nourishing and moisturizing your hands.

Category: Beauty & Personal Care

Posted on 11 February 2022, 12:04 PM