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Jazzznap Electric Foot Callus Remover Kit AC +FS

Amazon offers Jazzznap Electric Foot Callus Remover Kit for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: X7DPM4SR

Product Features:
  • Feet File Set: The feet file kit consists of an electric pedicure tool, three quartz roller heads with varying degrees of roughness, a charging cable, and a storage case.
  • Replaceable Roller Heads:There are three types of Roller Heads with varying degrees of roughness, the rougher Roller Heads for aged stubborn dead skin, the moderate rougher Roller Heads for normal dead skin, and the finer Roller Heads for daily care of the foot to restore smooth and smooth skin. You can choose the right one according to the dead skin of your feet
  • Durable and Adjustable Speed: High quality battery with large capacity of 2000 mA, can work for 120 minutes after only 4-5 hours charging each time. And for different degrees of dead skin feet, there are two different speed options.When the pressure of the tool is too high,its will automatically stop working and protect your skin.
  • Useful Foot Care Tools:It is recommended to dry your feet after showering. And to use it for 5-10 minutes on each foot a day, no more than 3-4 seconds in the same area. After use, the head of the quartz sand roller can be removed for washing, and part of the head of the power tool can be washed. Note:Do not soak it in wwater for long time.
  • Nearby Foot Care: Compared to the high cost and inconvenience of going outside to a foot bath, a professional foot care tool allows you to enjoy a foot spa at home and can be used by the whole family.

Category: Beauty & Personal Care

Posted on 16 February 2022, 06:44 AM