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Younuo IET Electric Shoe Dryer and Deodorizer AC +FS

Amazon offers Younuo IET Electric Shoe Dryer and Deodorizer for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: 50LLDJJD

Product Features:
  • 【Dehumidifying and Deodorizing】The boot dryer is a built-in O3, specially designed to eliminate bad odor and sanitize shoes , The constant temperature fast shoe dryers and protects shoes, giving your feet a healthy and comfortable home. Also known as electric shoe dryer for work boots, ski boots, baseball boots, sports boots, travel boots, work boots, etc.
  • 【Constant temperature Heating and Quick Drying, No Noise】YOUNUO IET boot dryer, in order to avoid shoe moisture becoming a hotbed of odor, fast drying is very important, it is a new 360°with no dead Shoe Dryer And Deodorizer With Timer, ends and built-in heating film, which can be used in 30-60-90 -Freely choose four time files of 120 minutes to quickly dry your shoes and socks without any noise, providing a warm guarantee for your children and family to go out in winter.
  • 【5V operation is safe and reliable】 This shoe dryer is a new type of smart boot warmers that can make your life easier. The operation is very simple, just like using the touch function of a mobile phone, you can make it work by touching the panel with the function pattern with your finger, and it is a very safe and reliable deodorant shoe dryer that works with 5V voltage.
  • 【Automatic temperature control】This is a very stylish, ergonomically designed and versatile portable ski boot dryer that is easy to carry and compact for easy use. You can put it in your shoes to dry your boots and shoes quickly and efficiently, eliminating odor and bacteria in your shoes, or you can put socks on this shoe warmer to warm your shoes and socks. boot and shoe dryer that you can keep in your luggage anytime you are out hiking, exercising or traveling
  • 【Aftermarket Policy】Dry your boots quickly and easily with this boot dryer. Don't worry about your boots getting wet and uncomfortable, you can enjoy hassle-free returns. Our quality guarantee is one year, as long as it is not man-made damage, it can be returned or exchanged free of charge

Category: Clothing & Accessories

Posted on 04 March 2022, 10:08 AM