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TinyNN Automatic Chicken Coop Door AC +FS

Amazon offers TinyNN Automatic Chicken Coop Door for after code with free shipping.

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Product Features:
  • Time&light Control: Our automatic chicken coop door is equipped with a timer and light sensor, so you can choose one mode to use between timer-timer mode and light-light mode. You can set the automatic opening time(0:00-12:00) and closing time(12:00-23:00) for the door with the timer mode. In light mode, the door can be closed and opened according to the light intensity you've set. The fully automated chicken coop door will save your time and protect your chickens.
  • Protect function: Our TinyNN automatic chicken door has a protect mode, in which you can adjust the level in settings, we recommend you start with level 0. After you set the protect mode, once the aluminum door touched your chicken, it will lift up and close again after a while, so the chicken coop door won't hurt your chickens while closing.
  • Easy installation: Our automatic chicken door applies the plug and play technology, you can just simply attach the door kit to the chicken coop all by yourself within few minutes. The size of the whole automatic chicken coop door is around 12.59*24.4IN, and the door is around 12.59*8.66IN.And it's usable for all suitable sized chickens and ducks.
  • Easy operation: There are different working-interfaces in our chicken coop door, you can easily adjust it with the the external button. Just follow the user manual and you will know all about how to set the door to open based on time or light and how the protect mode works in few minutes. If you have more questions, please contact us, we can provide you with tutorial videos.
  • Weatherproof and high quality material: Our chicken coop door with timer is made of high quality aluminum&Alloy Steel, which is durable and not easy to bend, so you can use it safely for years. And your chicken will be protected from another predators at night. It's weatherproof and can work during rainy days and cold temperatures as cold as -10°F (< 14°F, low-temperature batteries are recommended). We provide 24 months warranty and lifetime technical support, please contact us when you need.

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Posted on 04 March 2022, 12:44 PM


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