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One Fire ‎Aurora Projector & White Noise Machine AC +FS

Amazon offers One Fire ‎Aurora Projector & White Noise Machine for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: 40LAXM9I

Product Features:
  • AWESOME FOR THE PRICE: compare to other galaxy projector, it has a lot of bang for the buck!this light projector has good lighting modes and color combinations are amazing. Utterly relaxing,Tons of functions on it like multiple colors lights, modes, Bluetooth,8 inbuilt tunes,timer, remote,small, not bulky,etc. If you are stressed- make the house quiet, lie back & watch this.Feels like you're under the Northern Lights but in the comfort of your living room! Helps keep you relaxed with anxiety.
  • WHITE NOISE & BLUETOOTH PEACEFUL TO FALL ASLEEP TO:This galaxy light projector has stunning northern lights. The sound quanlity is very good with the 8 white noise lullaby built in,and light projector has the ability to play the your own music via Bluetooth.You can sit and stare at all the beautiful colors for hours with music on.The variety of lights has a calming effect,star projector galaxy light are relaxing and do help people who have difficult falling asleep. This make them asleep easier.
  • HAVE YOUR OWN AURORA BOREALIS: Are you obsessed with northern lights? Just stop looking, this is the aurora projector you want. A 3D colors effect of the northern lights are stunning,constantly moving,pretty realistic and the magic washes across a huge swath of the ceiling and room.There are option to use green,blue,white,and red-alone or in any combination and make the northern lights be still,slow,or ast moving.The star projector's so beautiful,make you feel like you're under the Alaskan sky.
  • COVER A BEDROOM CEILING : When placed in center of room,starlight projector'll cover the entire ceiling of the room with beautiful ambience.Visuals amazing, feels like you're watching the Northern lights.Aurora projector can be used for calming, relaxation,meditation, sleep, gaming or hot tub area…especially creating a pleasant atmosphere when you gather with family on the festival. The galaxy light projector also adds so much atmosphere when you're playing games.Nice to use for relaxation.
  • FANTASTIC AURORA PROJECTOR FOR KIDS : It's cool Birthday gifts or Christmas gifts for kids as night light or room decor. The kids will be distracted by the "pretty lights" (without green stars and won't hurt eyes) and the soothing music, laying in bed to fall asleep peacefully looking at the light-show, instead of screaming. With a sleep timer so the projector turn off after kids fall alseep.One Fire galaxy light projector have a 365 days return policy. Please contact when you have problems.

Category: Tools & Home Improvement

Posted on 18 March 2022, 01:36 PM