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Vanque 20V Cordless Pole Saw AC +FS

Amazon offers Vanque 20V Cordless Pole Saw for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: WG2UKEV5 and Clip the extra coupon on the product page 

Product Features:
  • Adjustable Length Up To 15 ft. Max. Reach: You got some hard-to-reach branches, but don't fancy the idea of taking risks climbing a ladder? This pole saw is the one for you. Telescoping pole extends from 5.9 ft. to 8.8 ft. for up to 15 ft overhead reach(Based on a 6ft person holding the pole in a straightened position at shoulder level, 60° from ground). You can adjust the chainsaw head with 3 angles (0°, 15°, 30°), providing higher & flexible reach while ensuring safety in cutting.
  • Well Balanced: The weight of the battery pack helps to offset the weight of the saw itself making it easy to use. It reduces the weight at the end of the pole, which means better balance and less fatigue. A shoulder strap is included for additional comfort. ​It is a well balanced tool and if taken care of the chain - which goes through cottonwood and elm like butter and ash with zero problems. When those branches try to play hide and seek, reach for a VANQUE pole saw!
  • A Powerhouse for Trimming: Replaceable 8-inch cutting bar and chain easily cuts through hard wood at 18 ft/s chain speed. The tree trimmer pole saw has strong motor for up to 60 cuts per charge on a 6"×6" lumber.The compact size and 9 lbs weight make it effortless to hold up high or down low. For those hard-to-reach or particularly stubborn branches, get at them the safe way with our pole saw.Giving your tree some shape using it!
  • Self-Lubricated: VANQUE pole saw is equipped with an automatic oiler to keep proper amount of lubricant on the chain & bar to ensure the saw cuts smoothly and efficiently all the time. The chain tension can be adjusted simply by turning the tension knob. A translucent oil tank lets you easily check the oil level. Keep the chain oiled and clean it after every job. Picked this up today for doing some yard maintenance. You will have the best looking garden in the area!
  • Safety Protection: This pole saw can be started only after pressing the safety lock and squeezing the trigger, thus preventing accidental injuries of operators. Meanwhile, the corded pole saw has a rubber over molded handle, which greatly improves your comfort. And a comfortable grip helps you to hold the pole saw sturdy while protecting your hands. There is also a scabbard for protection and easy storage. Besides, you will need no tool to assemble the pole saw. 

Category: Tools & Home Improvement

Posted on 17 April 2022, 10:38 AM