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Finchley G850 Laser Rangefinder AC +FS

Amazon offers Finchley G850 Laser Rangefinder for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: OHSSPKW7

Product Features:
  • About FINCHLEY: Inspired by a homonymous golf club in NW7 London, UK where our product is designed, FINCHLEY is a DTC brand created by a group of golf also tech enthusiasts aiming to provide you the same quality equipment as those used in PGA/LPGA but at much less price. We're fulfilling the mission started from our first product line, G850/SS1000 Rangefinders. Try the new FINCHLEY, Hit More Greens!
  • Slope Compensation: Makes choosing your club even easier by automatically taking the elevation into account so you can confidently club up or down to hit the ball at the correct distance.
  • Long Range: This range finder has an 850-yard range in normal mode or up to 400-yard range in the flag lock mode so you know exactly how far you are from the pin at all times.
  • Clear View: The 6x magnification and FMC optical lens system provide clear, vivid viewing through the rangefinder that is not influenced by cloudy or inclement weather conditions.
  • High Precision: A fast response chip provides a distance readout within 0.3 seconds and accuracy within 1 yard even if you have shaky hands. Spend less time messing with the rangefinder and more time lining up the perfect shot.
  • Full Set: Covered by a 2-year unconditional return policy, this full set comes with the rangefinder, carrying case, carabiner and lanyard, cleaning cloth, and CR2 battery so you have all you need to hit the course.

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 25 May 2022, 06:42 AM