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Hotmoon Baby White Noise Sound Machine with Remote AC +FS

Amazon offers Hotmoon Baby White Noise Sound Machine with Remote for after code with free shipping.

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Product Features:
  • 【Easier Parenting, Happier Mom】Hotmoon Lullight - Sound Machine with Night Light, support separated control of light and sound. Whether your little one loves to sleep with only lights, sounds or both, Lullight stands by at your request. Make nighttime nursery a breeze for new moms.
  • 【Touch and Remote Control】Two easy ways to use this nursery lamp. Either touch control the lamp when it is within reach, or use the remote when it is far from reach, responding up to 15m. A remote is super handy when you try to be quiet and stealthy at midnight care. No worries about awakening the baby. Note: 2*AAA batteries for the remote required, not included.
  • 【Hi-Fi White Noise Machine】11 high fidelity sounds to help lull your baby to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. Sleep aid not only for baby and kids, but also for adults, to help wind down in seconds with soothing nature sounds, white noise or lullaby. Options to either non-stop playing all night or set a timer to auto off.
  • 【Dimmable Baby Night Light】Super dim to only 3 lumens for midnight breastfeeding, and adjustable brightness up to 100 Lumens for a diaper change without disturbing the sleeping baby. On top of soft white light, multiple RGB colors are available for ambient lighting to get relaxed and enhance mood at bedtime.
  • 【Sleep Trainer】Easier parenting with Lullight to help the baby develop sleep routine. As the baby moves to big kid’s room, the company of Lullight helps him feel secure to go on his sleep routine. It makes big difference in not only improving his sleep quality, but also freeing the mom for more time to do her own staffs. Sleek patent design with FCC & CE certified safety, makes it not only thoughtful newborn essentials for new mom, but also an appealing gift for infant, children and adult.

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Posted on 05 June 2022, 08:04 AM