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$59.99 Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation, Chalk) +FS

1Sale offers Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation, Chalk) for $59.99 (orig. $99.99) +Free Shipping

Free Shipping

 Enjoy all the functionality of the Google Assistant and a 7" touchscreen with the 2nd generation chalk Google Nest Hub. It is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity to browse online content, control your compatible smart home devices, and connect with other local smart devices; Bluetooth is also built-in to enable streaming from your favorite compatible device. The touchscreen helps simplify on-screen app navigation and displays search results, photos, videos, your smart security footage, and more. A physical mute switch enables you to turn off the onboard microphones for added privacy.


  • A wireless network and an Android or iOS mobile device are required for setup. The Google Assistant is not available in all languages; please see the manufacturer's website for more information.

Entertainment Made Easy

  • Catch up on Netflix shows, watch YouTube videos, listen to music on the enhanced speaker, relive your favorite Google Photos, and more.

Keep Listening from Room to Room

  • The enhanced speaker delivers 50% more bass than the original Nest Hub. Create groups with other Nest speakers and displays for brilliant sound in every room.

Just Wave Your Hand

  • You can use Quick Gestures to control many Nest Hub features. Play or pause a song or video, snooze an alarm, and stop a timer. Quick Gestures use Motion Sense to detect when your hand moves – without a camera.

Hands-Free Help at Home

  • Ask Google to play music or a video, pause a song, control volume, and more.

Control Your Smart Home

  • With just a tap – or your voice – control thousands of compatible smart devices from one central display.

Your Home at a Glance

  • Tap the Nest Hub to turn on the lights, lock the doors, or turn up the thermostat.

Just Ask Google

  • Ask Google and get help even faster. Just say things like, "Hey Google, turn on the lights."

See Your Live Feed

  • With your Nest video doorbells and cameras, you can just say, "Hey Google, show me the front door camera."

Keep Your Family Connected

  • Nest Hub helps you get ready and stay on track throughout the day, every day.

Get News and Weather

  • Use your voice to get important info as you get ready for your day.

Create Family Notes

  • Leave notes and to-dos for people at home to see later on the Nest Hub.

Broadcast Messages

  • Tell everyone dinner's ready or it's time to go. They'll hear you on all your Nest speakers and displays.

Set Timers and Alarms

  • Ask Google to set reminders, timers, and alarms. They're perfect for recipes, appointments, homework time, and more.

Helps You Wind Down and Wake Up

  • The display wakes you up gently with a Sunrise Alarm and helps you wind down with soothing sounds.

Ease Into Your Morning

  • The Sunrise Alarm on Nest Hub makes waking up easier. It gradually brightens the display and increases the alarm volume.

Unwind at Night

  • The "Your evening" page helps you wind down at night and get ready for the day ahead. Fall asleep to tranquil sounds.

Stay Comfy and Cozy

  • Turn off your bedroom lights, lock doors, set alarms, and check your morning schedule – right from the device.

A Great Day Starts with a Great Night's Sleep

  • Sleep Sensing helps you sleep better. It tracks your sleep and gives you personalized insights and tips, so you wake up well rested and refreshed. Sleep Sensing is a premium feature offered free for a limited time. Please see the manufacturer's website for more information.

Nest Hub Respects Your Privacy

  • You can turn off the mic at any time with the mic switch. And easily clear your Google Assistant history whenever you want.

Simple Design, Sustainable Materials

  • The Nest Hub's simple design and subtle colors fit any room. The display adjusts to ambient room light, so it's not too bright or too dim. And it's built with the environment in mind – 54% of its plastic part material is made with recycled content.

Additional Features

  • Soli sensor for Motion Sense
  • Ambient EQ light sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • 802.15.4 (at 2.4 GHz) Thread support via a future firmware update
  • High-performance ML hardware engine
  • Enclosure made from 54% recycled plastic
  • Requires a nearby electrical outlet, Wi-Fi network, and a compatible Android or iOS mobile device

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Posted on 07 June 2022, 03:08 PM
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07 June 2022, 03:08 PM