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Free Therapy Games for Teens Kindle eBook

Amazon offers Therapy Games for Teens Kindle eBook for Free (reg ). 

Product Description:
Children and teens can go through a barrage of confusing experiences that they aren’t yet equipped to handle. With it comes feelings of frustration as you watch your child struggle with negative emotions.
You want to help them, but you don’t exactly know how.
And perhaps most upsetting of all is that, even with all your good intentions, they still can’t see that you’re only trying to help them — especially teenagers.
But don’t feel hopeless just yet. This is all a normal part of growing up. What our kids are going through now are so different than what we went through before.
According to the CDC, approximately 8.5 million children aged 3-17 years have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety combined — a staggering number that needs swift intervention for anyone involved.
But where do you even start?
In “Therapy Games for Teens: Easy and Practical CBT and DBT Tools”, is a holistic distress tolerance workbook that offers carefully curated worksheets and exercises for anxiety, depression, and stress management, Improving self-esteem and communication skills.
Using evidence-based insights, this toolkit:
  • Harnesses the power of Cognitive Behavioral Training and Dialectic Behavioural
    Therapy: Take advantage of a proven and organized process that aims to effectively take down negative habits and behaviors and replace them with healthier ones
  • Uses science-based exercises: Help your child manage the impact of anxiety and panic-related situations, control negative emotions, and build a stronger sense of self-care and self-love.
  • Helps kids and teens independently find calm: Using exercises to help visualize a safe space, your kids will slowly build up the strength to not give into depression
  • Provides therapeutic activities to help cope with trauma: Help your child handle their triggers better and find effective and healthy ways to deflect in any situation
  • Addresses impulse control issues: This guide helps manage your child’s hyperactivity so that they can learn to reframe their mind to focus on only the bigger picture
  • Boosts your child’s mood and self-esteem: Help your child thrive in any situation and become the best version of themselves using grounding exercises
  • Improves sleep: Better sleep is key to a happier, healthier child. Show them effective breathing exercises that increase their sleep quality so they can tackle the stresses of daily life And so much more!

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Posted on 26 August 2022, 05:53 AM