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TCL 52" 3-Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote AC +FS

Amazon offers TCL 52" 3-Blade LED Ceiling Fan with Remote for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: 20V8T7BT

Product Features:
  • Small and Medium Sized Rooms: TCL 52 inch and 45W ceiling fan with lights is suitable for 200-350 square feet of room. Three colors of LED modes: 18W warm white(3000K), 18W cool white(6000K), 36W neutral white(4500K). With the remote controller equipped, it is very convenient to operate the LED ceiling fan from anywhere in the room.
  • Noiseless and Natural Wind: The ceiling fan with lights and remote adopts DC frequency conversion motor that can creates Natural Wind (sometimes strong, sometimes weak) with quite, energy-saving and long life time. Natural Wind can be more comfortable and more healthy for body.
  • Reversible Motor: The modern LED ceiling fan with remote can reverse the direction of motor running for summer or winter. Downdraft mode produces cool wind for summer while updraft mode can keep your room warm uniformly in winter. Six speeds can be selected.
  • Timer: 1 H/4 H/8 H and Delay Closing of Fan. 1H means the fan will be powered off automatically after 1 hour, 4H means 4 hours, and 8H means 8 hours. Once Delay Closing of Fan is selected, the fan will be powered off within 1 minute.
  • Anti-theft light: The low profile ceiling fan lights will light up for 1 minute every 30 minutes if Anti-theft light function is activated, until the function is canceled by pressing the button again. It could give a signal to any theft due to the light, the room is not empty when you are leaving.
  • Temperature control: Indoor temperature<24℃,it is speed 1 aotomatically ; Indoor temperature≥24℃,it is speed 2 aotomatically; Indoor temperature≥26℃,it is speed 3 aotomatically; Indoor temperature≥28℃,it is speed 4 aotomatically; Indoor temperature≥30℃,it is speed 5 aotomatically; Indoor temperature≥32℃,it is speed 6 aotomatically

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 01 September 2022, 06:17 AM