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$29.99 Auray RFDT-128 Desktop Reflection Filter and Mic Stand +FS

1Sale offers Auray RFDT-128 Desktop Reflection Filter and Mic Stand for $29.99 (orig. $59.99) +Free Shipping

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 esigned to be an all-in-one solution for desktop recording where isolation is needed, the RFDT-128 Desktop Reflection Filter and Mic Stand from Auray features high-density acoustic foam and a perforated aluminum screen that absorb and block room noise and reflections that can commonly occur in acoustically untreated rooms. When recording in an untreated acoustic environment, vocals that reflect off of the walls and ceiling can be picked up by the microphone. These reflections can interfere with the sound of the voice and create a distant and "roomy" effect. By absorbing and diffusing these reflections, the RFDT-128 creates a closer and drier sound truer to your voice, making it easier to work with during the mixing process, and is more desirable for broadcasts, podcasts, voiceover, and desktop recording applications.

An aluminum and acoustic-foam base provide additional noise protection by isolating the filter and your microphone against vibrations from your desk or table. The filter sits on a telescoping shaft that can be adjusted from 7 to 12" of height, for flexibility in mic positioning. Not limited to desktop applications, the RFDT-128's shield can be attached to a broadcast arm with the included mounting hardware. Its threaded mount is compatible with 5/8"-27 mic clips and shockmounts.

  • Compact, all-in-one solution for providing sound isolation in desktop recording applications
  • High-density acoustic foam works with the perforated aluminum shield to absorb and diffuse acoustic reflections while isolating your microphone
  • The telescoping shaft with twist lock allows for easy and precise height adjustment of microphone and filter
  • The standard 5/8"-27 threaded mount accepts most microphone clips and shock mounts
  • The sliding bracket makes it easy to position the microphone inside the reflection filter
  • The base is constructed of an aluminum plate for stability, and a 1.5" layer of high density acoustic foam for absorbing vibrations from a desk or tabletop

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Posted on 08 December 2022, 03:08 PM
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posted by 1Sale Deals
08 December 2022, 03:08 PM