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$48.99 CRZDEAL Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light

Woot offers CRZDEAL Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light for $48.99. Free shipping for Prime Members.

Product Description:
Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light
​CRZDEAL Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light-Energy efficient grow light stands bring the sunshine indoors
The black 6-pod Harvest garden is easy to use and has a sleek tailored shape and a small footprint to fit in any kitchen.
Grow Fresh Herbs & Vegetables Year-Round
With LED Indoor Garden, you can grow many plants indoors, including houseplants, orchids, and even some fruit and vegetable crops.
Grow lights are ideal for seed starting because they help ensure stocky, green seedlings.
A wintertime harvest of herbs and salad greens can also be grown under lights.
Low-level Water Reminder
  • The intelligent light prompt function allows us to better understand the growth needs of plants.
  • When the water level is lower than ''FILL TO HERE", blue indicator will flash (No Beep), Add water to "FILL TO HERE", clear the flashes.
  • When lack of nutrients, add 8 mL each of nutrient solution A and nutrient solution B (about 2 bottle caps), clear the flashes.

Auto-timed LED Light
  • Following natural conditions, plants generally receive 12-16 hours of sunlight every day, so our 20-watt LED light has the function of automatically adjusting the working time (16 hours of operation, 8 hours of sleep).
  • In addition, LED lights have 3 colors of light (blue, red and white): blue light can promote the growth of stems and leaves, red light helps to blossom and fruit and prolong the flowering period.

Height-adjustable Pole from 5.9-12 inches
  • You can adjust the height of the LED light pole according to the different growth stages (germination, growth, flowering, and maturity) of the plant, from 5.9 to 12 inches, to help plants absorb sufficient light at all stages and allow them to grow naturally.

Automatic Circulating Water Pump
  • The working mode of the water pump is to run for 25 minutes and rest for 5 minutes, with automatic water circulation function.
  • The water through the top and onto the grow sponges.
  • Ensure that the plants get enough water during the seedling stage and will not die due to drought.
  • If the water does not enter from the top of the sponge, the seedlings may have less water exposure and cannot grow up.

Water Tank Easy for Cleaning
  • Our water tank has card slots on the left and right sides to facilitate the removal of the water tank, so there is no need to worry about the problem that the water tank is too heavy to be taken out

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Posted on 16 December 2022, 04:02 AM