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$28.99 Netac 512GB SATA III 6Gbps 2.5" Internal SSD +FS

Ebay offers Netac 512GB SATA III 6Gbps 2.5" Internal SSD for $28.99 with free shipping.

Product Features:
  • Incredible Performance:Read speeds up to 500MB/s. Superfast data Transfer and read speed (Write speed lowers.) accelerated by 3D NAND technology. Tested by CyrstalDiskMark software and test platform configuration is Intel Core I7 5820K / ASUS X99-A USB3.1 / G.SKILL DDR4 2800MHz. (Based on internal testing, performance may be some difference in terms of drive capacity, host device, usage conditions, and other factors.)
  • With capacities up to 512GB, Netac internal SSD has enough space for digital content. Ideal for transferring large-sized data including 4K videos, high-resolution photos, games and more. 
  • Trim,LDPC, Wear leveling: Netac internal solid state drive fully optimizes its GC (garbage collection) process. Keep itself in the best working state for a long time. And advanced LDPC error correction technology effectively improves service life. So as to extend the service life, error correction algorithm makes data storage even longer. The unique wear-leveling technology of Netac SSD makes the particle P/E (erase / write) loss more even to prolong its life.
  • Rugged & anti-impact: Netac internal SSD supports shock-resistant solid state core, and it makes Netac's solid state resistant to shock and vibration. Storage temperature is from -40°C to -85°C and operating temperature is from 0°C to 70°C. Voltage Ambient humidity (non-condensing) is from 5% to 95% . Reliable and Durable! Netac is the brand that worth counting on.
  • Compatibility & Experience: For replacement of hard drive in both MAC and PC systems, Netac internal solid state drive is your ideal and appropriate solution. With Netac SSD performance in your PC, you can upgrade laptop / desktop computer directly to enjoy super-fast OS Boot-up, application loads, terabyte-level storage, trusted reliability and the like. With Netac's SSD, keep making your personal computer feel like new.

Category: Computer Components

Posted on 29 December 2022, 07:41 AM