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Svinkal Electric Compressed Air Duster 2.0 AC +FS

Amazon offers Svinkal Electric Compressed Air Duster 2.0 for after code with free shipping.

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Product Features:
  • Canned air electric 【Brushless Motor air duster 2.0 】Compared with most air dust collectors equipped with a carbon brush motor, this electric compressed air tank has the characteristics of long life, low heat generation, stable wind, noise floor, and longer battery life. Brushless motors are also the core technology of such products.
  • Compressed air 【Stepless switch speed regulation】This silky step-less speed regulation compressed air, just press the switch and push up and down with your thumb, and you can get a uniquely designed step-less speed regulation experience. Control different (16,000~41,000rpm) air volume according to the cleaning object, which is flexible, convenient, and energy-saving.
  • Compressed Air duster 【The best alternative to canned air】, rechargeable and reusable, more energy efficient/cost-effective than constantly buying canned air. Electric air dust collectors are a one-time investment in owning a permanent air canister dust collector.
  • Compressed air 【Type-C fast charging and 100W high power】You can't believe this built-in rechargeable 6000mAh lithium battery air duster, one charge can make the air duster work continuously for more than 60 minutes.
  • Compressed Air for Computers 【Machine wheel fruit green design】Fashion and fresh fruit green design, the structure adopts a lengthened full-grip design, comfortable to hold, and a pull-out nozzle with a replacement storage compartment.
  • Air duster compressed air 【Warranty】any problem. Please feel free to contact us, we will solve your problem within 24 hours and promise non-best return service.

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Posted on 30 December 2022, 01:10 PM


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