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Muray Tool Drawer Organizer Tray Divider 40-Pack +FS

Amazon offers Muray Tool Drawer Organizer Tray Divider 40-Pack for with free shipping.

Product Features:
  • [Streamline your work] Spend more time doing the work you love and less on sifting through tools and hardware! Muray Creative organizers can help you stay in the zone. Comes in 3 sizes: large and medium organizers suitable for pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, knives etc., and small organizers perfect for nails, screws, bolts, clamps and gaskets.
  • [40 trays in 3 sizes] Package contains 10 large trays (6x9x1.8 inches), 15 medium trays (3x9x1.8 inches) and 15 small trays (3x3x1.8 inches). Altogether they cover an area of 7.5 square feet, plenty for the most comprehensive of tool arsenals.
  • [Anti-slip pads] When storing light items, the organizers can slide around when the drawer is pulled. So we've included 72 anti-slip pads to ensure that the organizer trays and their content stay in their original position.
  • [Resists deformation] Made from high quality durable plastic, each organizer can support up to 100 lbs before permanently deforming.
  • [Suitable for most drawers and chests] Trays of different sizes can be freely combined to fit almost all drawers and chests of various shapes and aspect ratios. One large organizer is the size of 2 mediums, and one medium is the size of 3 smalls.

Category: Tools & Home Improvement

Posted on 09 January 2023, 09:46 AM